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"Thy wife shall be as a FRUITFUL VINE by the sides of thy house." Psalm 128:3a

Pillars of Praise                                      by J. Kirkpatrick
Made Perfect                                         given to F. Moore
Never Say No To Nutritious Nettles       compiled by J. Kirkpatrick


by J. Kirkpatrick

The first pillar of strength to put in our Spiritual house is the Pillar of Praise. The Bible says that God will inhabit our house if we will praise Him, Psa 22:3. The Tribe of Judah was the first to go in and inhabit their land. Judah means "the people of praise". The Lord says, "Send Judah first, *** Scripture ***. Why is it so important that the Pillar of Praise be the first constructed in our Spiritual house?

Can we sing and praise our God when everything is going wrong or when we do not feel good? The Lord says that we must "sacrifice our praise unto Him, continually", Hebrews 13:15. Oh, it is so hard to make this sacrifice of praise when things do not go right. The hardest thing to do when things go the wrong way is to "Rejoice" and "Praise the Lord" for the wondrous work He is doing in our lives. It is much easier to moan, murmur and complain, saying, "Oh Lord, why are you doing all these things in my life?"

But the key to victorious, overcoming living in Christ is to begin to praise our God for everything. Everything? Even when the washer overflows, the spaghetti sticks, the children walk across your freshly mopped floor with their little muddy feet? What about financial hardship, the cut knees, all the children having chicken pox at the same time? Can we sacrifice praise to God at these times also? God says we are to count all these things as wondrous works in our lives and to declare them for good in our lives, Rom 8:28.

We need to build our house by first establishing the Pillar of Praise. The house that we are building is for our children, our children's children, and those that are afar off? We need to begin now to put the songs of strength and overcoming victory in our children. We need to leave this legacy for our children,

"This shall be written for the generation to come: and the people which shall be created shall praise the Lord." Psalm 102:18; Psalm 145:4; Psalm 78:4-6; Isaiah 38:19

Those who learn to praise the Lord are those who have raised their hands in complete surrender to His continual work in their lives. I encourage you to open your hands wide and extend them to the heavenlies to become willing vessels to receive all the Lord has prepared for you. Picture this? With your hands outstretched to the heavens you truly resemble a pillar; a pillar totally surrendered to God's will. We are also to become Trees of Righteousness. Picture this? A tree continually has its branches raised in the heavenlies. No moaning, complaining, murmuring here. Trees raise their limbs to catch the refreshing breezes of the Holy Spirit, far above all things that would cause them to hang low. Only when we raise our hands in complete surrender and subjection to our Heavenly Father can our Spiritual house come into His sustaining, life-giving strength.


Given in a dream to F. Moore of Lincoln, Nebraska

The jeweler took such pains in polishing and perfecting all His lovely rocks and stones. He asked me if I would like to assist him and I admitted I certainly would but I had no talent or knowledge to offer Him in this endeavour.

"Surely you can watch and learn", He chided, but I still was not sure that I could cope with all the intricacies involved. After all, he was such a perfectionist. Even defects that were not noticeable without a magnifying glass, had to be removed.

"I need co-workers", He told me. "There is so much left to be done." "Alright." I finally agreed, "I will do my best... but please watch over me and guide my efforts." With that, I was led to a back room. It was a quiet place with plenty of light and warmth. There were several large boxes of rocks just brought in from the quarry. It was awesome to realize that I was being made a partner in the production of precious gems. To look upon the newly hewn rocks, one could not imagine the glorious outcome. As I took into my hands the first stone to be chiseled and smoothed, the Master gemologist handed me a solvent to use while I was chipping away. he bid me not to use it sparingly, for the more that I used it, the better the results I would have. As I took the jar from his hand, I was alarmed to discover the name it bore. The solvent, so important in this process was named suffering. "Don't be baffled", the Expert told me. Suffering has always been helpful in perfecting My jewels. "Most often it works better and faster than anything else."

I took the suffering that He gave me and found His words to be accurate and true. Suffering does help to make perfect.

John 15:20 I Peter 1:7, 2:5, 4:12, 5:10
II Cor 8:2, Eph 5:27, Rev 21:19

Never say No to Nutrtious Nettles

Nettles Need Not Numb Nibblers

compiled by J. Kirkpatrick

Nettles are one of God's gifts to man. But you say, "Nettles", those weeds that we stay as far away from as we can because of their great stinging characteristics? Yes! We have found that nettles are a very important herb. But we need to treat nettles with respect.

All herbs and plants have a purpose in God's kingdom. It becomes a wise wife and mother's task to research each one, for its benefits to her family. We have stated before, and do so again; always research any herb before partaking of it because every herb has its own qualities to know and understand.

Nettles are very rich in Vitamin C and iron. As you research this plant, you will find that there are certain precautions you must take to gather it. Always wear gloves when gathering Nettles to protect your hands from their stinging effect. Before using Nettles you must boil or dry them. Boiling or drying removes their stining affect. Nettles have medicinal qualities also. Another side benefit of nettles is that they are excellent to activate the compost pile. So if you are ridding this sometimes bothersome weed from an area, pile them high on your compost pile.

We would suggest that you learn about the beneficial properties of Nettles. The following books are available at most libraries. Get to know these friends:

Reader's Digest Magic & Medicine of Plants
Using Plants for Healing by Nelson Coon
The Herb Book by John Lust
Growing & Using Healing Herbs by Gaea and Shandor Weiss
Herbal Medicine by Dian Dincin Buchman
Back to Eden by Jethro Kloss

Here are some of the many uses of nettles:

        green dye to make cloth coughs, expels plegm
        nosebleed stomach ulcers shortness of breath
        diarhhea blood in urine footbaths for rheumatism
         hair tonic loss of hair anti-dandruff
         intestines dropsy excessive menstrual flow

Spiritual Application of Nettles:

God's gifts do not always come in packages easy to handle. Sometimes they cause a stinging effect in our lives if we do not seek him first and heed his instruction on how to partake of their goodness. Sometimes things we would naturally stay away from, God has put in our path to get our attention. We need to know that all things are for good to them that are called according to His purpose, even if there is a temporary sting, Romans 8:28. It becomes our task to dig deep in God's Word and discover the benefits of those seemingly harsh things we are going through.

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