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The Pillar of Provision                           by  R.  Zacchaeus
Visions for Today                                 by   L.  Kuhn

The Pillar of Provision

By R. Zacchaeus, TX

Provision means "sees beforehand". God sees our needs before we can even speak them and supplies all our needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus, Phil 4:19.

What are we to ask for? If any of you lack wisdom, ask the Lord and He will give it to you liberally, James 1:5. And I say unto you, "Ask, and it shall be given you." If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them that ask Him, Luke 11:9a and 13b.

The following is a testimony from Ruth Zacchaeus, Austin, Texas. Listen as she shares her heart, "...Ten years ago, I realized that I did not have wisdom in my life, although I had the knowledge of the Scriptures since my early youth up. I was a member of a church made with human hands until ten years ago; yet, at a young age I knew that God does not dwell in a house or church made by human hands, but he dwells in the house that He has made and prepared for Himself for His habitation. Yes, ten years ago was the beginning of understanding in me that I was foolish, not wise. I knew the Holy Scriptures and believed them; but I had not lived them, although I tried to live them by my own ability, strength and power. I became painfully aware that, not only had I deceived myself by thinking I really knew the Lord Jesus, but I led others astray by speaking the Word without the anointing, the Christ. I did this in ignorance and foolishness until the truth was revealed to me by one of God's servants. As the truth was spoken by God's servant, I realized that I could believe the Word totally and wholly, but "if I did not have the Spirit of Christ, I was none of His" [Romans 8:9]. As I prayed in the Spirit on my face, on the floor, I felt the Lord comforting me. I experienced tremendous power of the Holy Spirit as I had never before experienced. In the days that followed, I realized my total worthlessness and inability in all things. I knew nothing. I called upon the Lord in His word in my dire need for His wisdom. I prayed James 1:5-6 in belief and faith. I began to know and understand the goodness and faithfulness of the Lord.

In the years that followed, the Lord brought me through many tests, trials, learning and molding experiences where He has taught me to depend and trust in Him and His Word by the Spirit. The sure house the Lord has built in me began many years ago with the foundation that the Apostle Paul preached, Jesus Christ and Him crucified, [I Cor 2:1-5]. The strength of my house is the Cornerstone, Jesus Christ, the Word; and His Finished Works in my life are being wrought by the power of the Holy Spirit of Truth. The seven pillars of my house were hewn out of the stone [the Law} by the Holy Spirit through cutting blows (blows that hurt, cleanse away evil, as do stripes the inner depths of the heart [Pro 20:30]). The resulting completion - seven pillars - is strength and holding power and support for my house through understanding the Word. Because of the works God is doing on the construction of my Spiritual house, I am beginning to speak truth in purity, the Living Word without pollution of man's religion. I am beginning to speak Spiritual words with Spiritual meaning, which the Holy Spirit is teaching me daily. I am learning to worship God (in His house within) in Spirit and Truth. I come to Him through His Word (Truth), and I love and worship Him through His Spirit.

Ten years ago, I had a dream in which I was holding my Bible, to read the book of James. When I opened my Bible, nothing was there! The text was gone! All that was there was a picture of the light as from the sun shining on water, which was reflecting the light.

This picture was on the left, inside open Bible cover. On the right, inside open Bible cover was the index of Scripture reference only. When I sought the Lord on the meaning of the dream, the Holy Spirit revealed that if I did not have the book of James, I did not have anything. I first needed the wisdom from above (God's wisdom in character, nature, and spirit) before I could receive the Truth of the Word. The Lord revealed that the light, on the left side of the opened Bible, is the Spirit, which gives understanding or light or life. The water stands for the water of the Word. The Light (the Spirit) reflects on the Word, meaning, the spirit with which I read the Word gives life to the Word. It can either become the Living Word when it is combined with the Holy Spirit; or it can become only a dry Word or dead Word or Law, when combined with the spirit of man (the no.6).

The index on the right side was the Scripture references, which represent the Word itself, which is fact or knowledge. The Bible index alone is not enough (knowing the Scriptures). The Spirit must now be present in understanding. Faith comes first. Faith is hearing, and hearing comes by the Word of God. Under-standing, spiritual eyesight, anointed by the Holy Spirit, comes after faith, according to the glory and infinite wisdom of God. They come alive in the presence of the Holy Spirit. One is inside the other. Therefore, the right side and the left sides of my inside Bible say the same thing; the two become One; they agree.

The foundation of my house is laid in faith - hearing the Word of God. My house is completed in understanding - seeing in the Spirit. It is the complete house that is the house of God.

L. Kuhn, a sister from Texas shares a series of dreams she received over a period of time, beginning in February, 1992.

"...The first was a vision of the face of a watch, with a finger moving around the face. I knew in my Spirit it was telling me time was running out. The next one was just the numbers 12 and what I thought was a 0, and one more that I couldn't make out; so if I couldn't make it out, it was not important. I couldn't wait to get out of bed to mark my calendar. I went on about my business and one day decided to check the days off as I thought He was telling me something special would happen in 120 days. It came and passed and nothing happened. I prayed the Lord would show me what he wanted me to know.

The next vision I had, I was walking outside and saw a game piece laying on the ground, wet and dirty. I picked it up and written inside was (1 Zephaniah). I got up and read Chapter 1 of Zephaniah, and was frightened at all the things it said was going to happen. It still didn't register correctly. Then I decided to read one night in Revelations. I opened the Bible and the Bible fell open at chapter 11. As I started to read I came to the 3rd verse. It says "And I will give power to my two witnesses, and they will prophesy 1260 days, clothed in sackcloth." It was not the verse, but the numbers that just seemed to jump at me, and I knew they were the numbers he had shown me at the beginning.

Now the next vision was a black, large microphone that had a bright red panel on the front. I knew that was an alert warning and the microphone was to "speak out". I woke myself up saying, "Yes Lord, I will speak out." Then I asked the Lord how I could get this message out, and this is the way that come into my spirit.

I must not have been working fast enough, for sometime after that I had another vision. I was wide awake, and saw on the edge of the night stand, a vision of an odometer and the numbers were moving very fast. If I figure correctly, something ominous is going to happen around, August, 1995. I feel very positive that the Lord is telling us to get our House (Spiritual) in order and to alert other of the same."

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