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"Thy wife shall be as a FRUITFUL VINE by the sides of thy house." Psalm 128:3a
Have We Become Fools ?                  by J Kirkpatrick
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"Every wise woman buildeth her house: but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands." *** Proverbs 14:1

Many are the attributes of the wise woman who prepares the pillars of her home as we have discovered over the last 10 issues in this section. God's Word is full of direction in discretion and decisive actions that each of us can pattern our homes from.

But are these only words that have no relative action on our parts for our homes in this hour of time. Are we so complacent that we sit back on our lees after hearing God's direction for our homes and remain unchanged?

Proverbs 14:1 is an exhortation for mothers of our day. Have we prepared and layed out the pillars of construction only to become foolish in its administration by plucking it down with the works of our own hands? Mothers, we must begin to look at our walk with God's searching light. Are we becoming like Israel in the day's of the judges who went about doing that which was right in their own eyes, *** Judges 21:25?

Where is the king in our lives? Have we allowed the Lord to be supreme in authority in our lives, or do we confess with our mouth that we love Him, and then go about to live our lives and raise our children without heeding his teaching and instruction?

The foolish woman is one who tears down. Have you allowed a spirit of criticism to enter your abode? Do your husband and your children walk on eggs around you because of temper or anger that erupts and destroys with every glaring stare?

The foolish woman is one who beats down. Do you beat down every decision your head makes for your household and family because you know a better solution?

The foolish woman is one who overthrows. Are you operating in your own wisdom and authority by overthrowing every decision your husband prayerfully administers?

The foolish woman is one who is quarrelsome. Do you argue and talk back when your husband, the Lord of your house, corrects and establishes priorities for your family?

Mothers, it is not enough to know the right way to walk, it is of necessity that we begin to put God's Word into action. Either we are going to "become the Word" or we are not. The world is crying out for true Mother's in Israel who will return to the ancient paths of submission, and who will wholly follow the wise instruction of God's Word. The world needs to see Godly mothers operating in God's kingdom order; and this means that we must again come under submission to our husbands as head of our homes. Our children must begin to see their father's lifted up in all situations.

A foolish woman plucketh down the building of her house with her hands. Do you have hands that throw things when anger arises? Do your hands shake an accusing finger at every situation? Do you use your hands to slam doors when you do not get your way?

Or do you wring your hands in despair and throw in the towel? There is a reason for this frustration. God's order is not operat-ing in your home. Begin to raise your hands in complete surrender to the Lord. Allow him to wash your hands of all uncleanliness. Begin today to become the hand of the helpmeet who declares, "May I help? "

Today is the day to begin to build your Spiritual house for God's kingdom. God's Word says that those who "are so doing" will be the ones who will enter in when He returns.

Summary of the Seven Pillars Series

The last ten issues in this series have laid the blueprint

for establishing the seven pillars we must erect to assure the stablility of our homes:

We pray these our a blessing to you and others you minister to

1 - Our foundation must be ground in the Word of Truth

2 - The cornerstone of our house must be Jesus Christ

3 - Our sacrifice of praise must be first and foremost

4 - Our prayer life must be in daily evidence

5 - We must allow God to daily supply His provision

6 - We can rest in God's protective hands

7 - Do you know the power of God?

8 - Do you rest in His peace?

9 - Do you allow God's promised suffering to change your walk?

10 - Or have we become fools in our own vain imaginations?

We encourage you to read over each of these articles in this series again and begin to put these principles into action. Today is the day of preparation. We must allow the Holy Spirit cleansing to change every area of our walk. God is returning for a people without spot, wrinkle or blemish. Are we prepared for His return?

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