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"Thy wife shall be as a FRUITFUL VINE by the sides of thy house." Psalm 128:3a


by Jeannie Kirkpatrick

"Male and female created He them, and blessed them, and called their name Adam, in the day when they were created." Genesis 5:2

In our generation, the woman has worked hard to gain equality with man. Is this the vocation we women were meant to pursue? Recently, women's right "activists" worked diligently to create a special day in April called "Take Your Daughter to Work Day". This day has been set aside to encourage our daughters to pursue a career. Is this the job we women were meant to fulfil?

In an effort to become equal, young girls are encouraged to make a name for themselves. In recent years the title, "Ms" has been sought after, in order to gain individual recognition. The title "Miss" was removed, and "Ms" took pre-eminence. Many married women also, eager to assert independence, also chose to no longer use the title "Mrs."

"Ms" is complete in self; the negative three in one [me, myself and I] has taken its own title, "My Self", abbreviated "MS". All young women are encouraged to remove the little "i" [for innocency and integrity] from their title. The married wife and mother are encouraged to remove the middle letter "r" [respect] from their title as well. Indeed the title "Ms" has removed all due respect the married wife deserves. Even more devastating, the "Ms" title has removed innocency and integrity from our virgin daughters.

As we seek for proper order in our lives, we need to recognize that there is a better way. God first created man, and his title is "Mr" which stands for "Master". In God's proper order, "Mrs" comes next, which stands for "submission to the Master".

Should a wife and mother work? Yes, we need to give 100% of our time to become a proper "helpmeet" to our husbands. We need to work full time becoming wise mothers, training our sons and daughters in these kingdom principles. God needs wives and mothers who will operate in their proper God-given responsibilities to raise up a people prepared to walk into the kingdom.

We need to recognize that lineage in the Bible always comes through the sons. In lineage, the Bible always makes reference to "he, him, his". Today there is a compromising spirit which is working overtime to re-write God's Word to include "he and she", "his and her", "sons and daughters", etc. When we begin to understand that the "Adam" creation was created male and female and that we are "one flesh", there is no need to separate the title into two separate words.

There is an underlying danger in this endeavor to re-write God's Word. God's proper kingdom order is to put down self and lift up the head of the house. But those who need to be recognized as equal would change God's order. Submissiveness is the career we need to pursue. We must give of ourselves 100% to lift up our heads into their proper place.

Are you offended when reference is made to "he or him", instead of "he/she, him/her", sons and daughters, etc? We need to begin to change our thinking concerning this vital issue. Begin to work full time at overcoming the need to be "equal to". An helpmeet is to be occupied in the ministry of "uplift", instead of demanding jobs only men have strength to fulfil. When we exercise God's order we will gain endurance and strength to "lift up" our heads. Do we have enough backbone to take our proper place in submission and become "one" flesh with our heads?

The title "MS" is the same abbreviation as a deadly disease called Multiple Sclerosis. Begin to Spiritually observe the striking similarities between the title "MS" and Multiple Sclerosis.

In the physical, "MS" is a chronic disease of the central nervous system characterized by the degeneration and loss of myelin (a white, fatty substance that acts as an electrical insulator for nerve fibers) in the brain stem, optic nerve, spinal cord, and in some cases the cerebrum.

Likewise those with the greatest susceptibility to spiritual "MS" are chronically affected by "selfishness" which causes degeneration and loss of many proper functions of the body. Because of the degeneration in the Body of Christ, we witness the loss of the white substance known as pureness and righteousness. This was the emotional makeup of the women, as originally designed by the Creator, and if we are not careful this vital substance will soon be destroyed.

Patients who contact physical "MS" develop weakness or paralysis, incoordination, mental disturbances, impaired sensation, and visual problems. Looking at this in the Spiritual sense, those with the "My Self" syndrome soon become paralyzed. Their disturbing thoughts affect not only their own well-being but those around them. They can no longer feel with natural love for others, nor can they any longer see with Spiritual perception.

Physical "MS" is not an inherited disease, but a pre-disposition may run in families. Beware! Often there is a Spiritual predisposition in families where latent viral germs lay hidden. Diagnosis can be observed and necessary steps taken in the early stages if one is found to be susceptible.

The cause for Physical "MS" remains unknown, but some researchers propose that it is an auto-immune disorder. The word Auto-immune comes from two words: auto which means "self" and immune which is defined as "free from observing obligations and duties".

Wives and mothers who are susceptible to spiritual, auto-immunity have freed themselves from their God-given obligations and duties as the helpmeet in the household to pursue their own careers outside the home. This, indeed, may be one of the hidden symptoms of the spiritual disease "MS" that may go unnoticed until it is too far advanced to reverse.

The physical disease "MS" may be triggered by a viral infection. A viral infection is a corrupting infection generated in a diseased body and capable of producing the same specific disease in a healthy body by contact. When this happens in the spirit, spiritual "MS" spreads to other susceptible young women: wives, mothers and daughters, causing widespread devastation, in not only their own lives, but the whole family unit.

Physical "MS" is more common in temperate climates and is relatively rare in Asia and Africa. Spiritual "MS" runs rampant in the particular regions of "lukewarmness". Like physical "MS", spiritual "MS" is usually diagnosed between the ages of 20 and 40, the reproductive years. Young women, be on guard for these symptoms as you become an adult. Indeed, be ever watchful, throughout your child-bearing years so that your daughters are not exposed to these symptoms from others you come in contact with. The average life expectancy after onset is about 20 to 30 years, although some patients die within weeks. Don't take the chance! Take the necessary steps now to overcome this spiritual degenerative disease.

In most cases, physical "MS" follows a course of repeated remissions and worsening over a period of years. Don't allow yourself to be contaminated and re-contaminated by spiritual "MS". Begin to recognize the remedies that will forever rid our society of this dangerous, crippling disease so that future generations can be assured of trouble-free health and vitality.

Most patients ignorantly lead their lives with the dangerous "MS" germ lying dormant within their being, and interrupted by periodic episodes of symptoms. . But be warned! Contact with, and reinfection of, spiritual "MS" because of lack of persistent symptoms, may give the "MS" victim false security causing them to continue in their corruption for a number of years before being correctly diagnosed. By this time the disease may be irreversible. Respiratory infections and opportunistic diseases are often among the causes of death.

Again, it is very important to be on guard against recurring symptoms of spiritual "MS"

If the threat of death from spiritual "MS" is not enough to cause you to seek help, consider that the disease, unchecked can give many other killing germs opportunity to thrive, robbing you of your ability to ward off other infections.

Failure to heed warning signs leaves opportunity for other devastating viral germs to spread their venom. These opportunistic diseases include such destructive germs as the Women's Liberation Movement, Dual Careers, Co-habitation, Women's Rights, Children's Right's, Planned Parenthood, Abortion on Demand, Alternate Lifestyles, etc., etc.

Like physical "MS", there is no specific treatment for spiritual "MS", except in the mild early stages. Therefore it is of utmost importance that you diagnose the dangers quickly. Now is the day to change your habits! Return to the Great Physician and take his orderly and practical advice. Now is the time to take warning before the threat of spiritual "MS" has gone past its early warning stages. Your life, and the lives of your daughters and future generations, can be healed if you recognize its dangers quickly.

The prophet Isaiah spoke of the great reproach that would be brought upon woman because they would not fulfil their vocation as Godly wives, mothers and women of society.

"And in that day seven women shall take hold of one man, saying We will eat our own bread, and wear our own apparel: only let us be called by thy name, to take away our reproach." *** Isaiah 4:1

Today many wives work overtime to maintain their maiden name in marriage in order to assert their own identity and to be independent from their husbands. Where is the "oneness"? God's Word gives us clear direction:

"Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh." Genesis 2:24

"...and they twain shall be one flesh. Wherefore they are no more twain, but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together let not man put asunder". Matthew 19:5c-6

Wives today who seek their own, individual careers instead of motherhood and being an helpmate unto their husbands as God purposed are in grave danger. Stand up Godly women and begin to work full time to save our generation from this spiritual "MS" disease which is void of innocency, integrity, respect and submission.


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