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Where are the Mother's in Israel               by  J.  Kirkpatrick
A Healing Testimony                                by  L.  Lambke
The Snare                                                by  D.  Spearman
     Submission and Obedience

Where are the Mothers in Israel?

Oh My Little Children, I travail in birth
again until Christ be formed in you!
The last half of this century has birthed two generations of mothers
unprepared to "Train up a child in the way they should go".
Where are the mothers who sing and speak life to their unborn still in the womb?
Where are the mothers who feed the manna of God's Word as they nurse their babies?
Where are the mothers who speak correct articulation skills for their little ones to imitate?

Where are the mothers who guide their young ones into correct role models, with a daddy being respected and exalted into his God-given position in their childrens' lives?

Where are the mothers who prepare every morsel of food, considering the damage wrong diet can do and insuring wholesome intake of foods fit for growth and strong bodies?

Where are the mothers who faithfully, consistently and responsibly, keep all filth from entering the eyes and ears of their childrens' souls?

O My Children, I encourage you to consider the responsibility of the Mothers of Israel. I am travailing in birth for the mothers of this generation.

Come forth now in responsibility.
Come forth and take your God-given position.

Please, don't allow another generation of our little ones to grow up without Godly direction and guidance in their daily lives.

By L. Lambke, Florida

We had 2 daughters and a son when I became pregnant with Ron. Ron was born seven years after Rick. Ron was an active child, maybe partly because I was older than I was when I had the others.  Ron was very out-going. When he was 3 years old, everyone in town knew him. He would go around shaking hands with people in the grocery store. One day, when we went through the toll gate from the highway, he leaned out the window and said, "Hi, how was your Christmas?" The man was surprised to say the least!

Ron was the only one of the children who had a bottle. He did not like milk, but loved grape juice. This caused him to have bad teeth. Before he was 4 years old, I took him to my dentist, who suggested I take him to a specialist 100 miles away. The first few trips were fine, until he had work done. After that, when he and I headed out of town in that direction, he started to cry. Eventually, he became so nervous that he had no control over his bowels and when he heard a train whistle, he literally tried to climb the walls. The last trip we made, Ron messed his pants twice. When we got the dentist, he stretched his arms and legs out straight so I could not get him out of the Volkswagen. I canceled the appointment and had to put Ron in the hospital to finish the work on his teeth.

Ron went through kindergarten in Kansas, but was called a "slow learner", and still had accidents in his pants. We moved to Raleigh, North Carolina that summer. He started first grade but had a teacher with an accent and had trouble understanding her. Because of the inability to understand what was expected of him, he was put back in kindergarten.  During this time, he still messed his pants. The school would call and I would take him home. It dawned on me that he might be trying to et out of school. So I started taking clothes to school and changing him there.  We took him to psychologists who gave him tests and agreed that he was a "slow learner". We took him to a psychiatrist who said, "This kid has more fears than any kid I have ever seen."

In the third grade, the school called. When I arrived, they said, "If you cannot get him trained, you will have to take him out of school. On the way home, I started to cry out to the Lord. "We have tried everything we know> He is Yours and I put him in Your hands." I heard a voice that seemed to resound throughout the car... "He thinks he is losing part of his body." I never thought of that! That evening I asked Ron if he messed his pants instead of going to the bathroom because he thought he was losing part of his body that he needed. I talked to him about it and explained to him what was happening and he never had a problem after that.

That day in the car, when the Lord spoke to me about Ron's problem, I got saved and baptized with the Holy Spirit. I did not realize what the Lord was doing with me at that time.

Ron had other problems. I know of three incidents that really stick in my mind. When he was in Junior High School, a teacher stood him up in front of the class and said, "Class, if you have never seen a dummy, this is a dummy!" He liked to wear Christian t-shirts. He was told to stop wearing them. Even though it was OK for the others to wear beer t-shirts or worse.

The other incidents were when he was in the eleventh grade. He had signed up for chemistry. The teacher suggested he take a study hall instead. The study hall teacher would walk around the room, and every time she got to Ron, she would say, "You are too stupid to do chemistry." One day in English class, he told the teacher he did not understand the lesson. She said, "why don't you just take your book and leave." He did, and never went back. He failed 11th grade.

We noticed he began to just sit, rock, and listen to Christian music. If we asked him to mow the lawn, he either did not hear or ignored us. We took him back to the psychiatrist. He said he was a total loss, all we could do was put him in a school at Devon, PA, which would cost $2500.00 a month. We knew that advice was wrong. We went to a Christian psychologist who said, "I think he needs to see a nutritionist. He gave us the name of one.

First he took Ron off the 5 whites and put on vitamin supplements. Within 2 weeks, Ron was a totally different person, even suggesting himself that he needed to mow the lawn. The nutritionist found that Ron had neurological dysfunction, which meant he mixed up sentences when he read, and if given 4 things to do in a specific order, he would mix them up. The nutritionist worked with him, and Ron learned to speed read. Even today, if he eats too much junk food he starts to go backwards. But he has learned to recognize it.

The Lord called him to be a minister. As a child he would go out on the apartment balcony and preach. All of his life he has had dreams of standing in front of audiences and preaching. Every time a prophet goes through town, he tells Ron something about ministering. Ron has had 2 years of Bible College and is finally going back to school.

He has worked at the Texas Rangers winter games for 3 years, and is known as "Mr. Peanut". He also works at a gift shop. He has not been successful as far as having a high paying job, but in our eyes and the Lord's he is a success!! What a difference the Lord makes.

by D. Spearman, Ohio

My husband, Martin, and I were married before we came to the Lord. My personality was one of dominance and Martin's of reserve. Since I was so opinionated, Martin would do things my way to avoid confrontation. However, it always seemed to cause more strife. Quite often I felt Martin was not capable of making decisions so I would step in and have him do it my way, or I would do it myself. After 4 years of marriage, we both surrendered our life to Christ. That was the hardest time for me, but it ended up being the most blessed! I was required by God to make a transition from being dominant to being submissive. The Lord brought a very serious situation for me to make a choice. Martin and I were going to two very opposite churches. I thought his church was crazy and I was comfortable in the church system. (It was a lot easier).

Our relationship had come to a standstill and our home became a war zone. A house divided against itself will not stand. God and my husband were not going to stand for it any longer. Martin showed me the Word of God, Ephesians 5:22, where God said I was required to submit to him. I was either to go to church with him or leave. My husband stood strong against me. This was not normal and I should have seen the strength of the Spirit in him. But I did not. I was very angry about this situation. I knew that if I wanted God, I would have to follow His Word and I would have to know my place in the husband-wife relationship. I remember so well my answer to Martin. "I will do what you say, but I am not going to like it!!!"

Isaiah 1:19 says "If ye be willing and obedient ye shall eat the good of the land." There were two conditions that I had to meet: willingness and obedience. If I would have refused obedience, it would have cost me my marriage and my close walk with God. If I would have refused willingness, it would have cost me the same. These 2 attitudes must appear together. It took me 3 weeks to become willing. But when I did, the windows of heaven were opened and I received a multitude of blessings!

Although my intentions were always good ones, there was peace only when I was willing and obedient and WAITED for God to more upon my husband! We must remember that God is in control. He directs the paths of His righteous ones. After I started learning this, I was amazed at how much better Martin was able to handle situations and to hear God's direction. God honored my willingness and obedience. God is faithful!

Very soon after my decision to submit, God showed me something about Abraham and Sarah. Twice Abraham had Sarah say she was his sister, knowing full well that this would open doors for another man to take her. Sarah was obedient. She, herself, knew what this could bring about. (In comparison, my husband does not ask much of me!)

Had Sarah refused to be obedient, she would have been without God's protection. It would have affected Abraham also. But since she submitted, God could work on Abraham's faith.  The Lord is faithful! I Peter 3:5-6 says, "For after this in the old time the holy woman also, who TRUSTED in God, adorned themselves, living in subjection to their own husbands." And so," Sarah obeyed Abraham calling him Lord: whose daughters ye are, as long as you do well and are not afraid with any amazement."

The holy woman trusted in God. We do not have to worry about the consequences if we trust God, do well, and to not get excited, and try to handle things ourselves. I am sure it was no picnic for Sarah! But she was in God's care because she obeyed her godly head. God tells us in Genesis 2 that women were designed to be helpmeets to their husbands. In the world, it is the woman who usually runs the home. Some more subtly than others, but ultimately the woman has the upper hand.

Ecclesiastes 7:26 says "And I find more bitter than death the woman whose heart is snares and nets and her hands as bands; whoso pleaseth God shall escape from her; but the sinner shall be taken by her." I am going to paraphrase this with meanings of the key words from the Strong's concordance. "An I find more bitter than death the woman whose heart is a fortress, a hold, and a net for a doomed object appointed for destruction and her hands as manacles on a prisoner; whoso pleaseth God shall be made smooth; but the sinner shall be captured, frozen by her."

This sounds pretty harsh, but I have lived on both sides of this Scripture. I kept my husband prisoner! He was doomed because I would not let him think or do anything I did not agree with! Even when he would try to step into the headship of the home, I was still in the way.

Solomon searched to know the wickedness of folly even foolishness and madness, Ecclesiastes 7:25. What he found was a woman who took over her husband's personality and position. I was not aware of this in my life. My intentions were always good. But God cannot bless a woman who is out of order. The whole household is in jeopardy when this happens. It is dangerous for the woman to step in and take over, and more dangerous for a woman to nag and persuade her husband's way of thinking.

Below are some examples of men who should not have listened to their wives. Check this out in the Scriptures for yourself:

1. Genesis 3:6 and 12, We all know that Adam should not have listened to Eve.

2. Genesis 16:1-5, Sarah persuaded Abraham to take Hagar. She thought she had a better
    idea. This turned out to be wrong advice that people are still paying for.

3. Judges 14:12-18, Samson's wife nagged and persuaded him to tell the answer to the
    riddle. She gave it to the Philistines.

4. Judges 16:4 and 17, Delilah was not Samson's wife per say, but in listening to her, it
   cost him his service to God and his life.

5. I Kings 21:1-25, The King accepted Jezebel's counsel, and she took over for him. This
    not only sealed Ahab's doom, but heres, and all the males born to Ahab.

The world is opposite of God, and we must be careful to make sure that we do not step over the authority God set in the home. I heard someone say, "I have seen women who are smarter, more Spiritual, and more capable of running the home than the husband". But that does not change the order God has established for the home.

How True! We are admonished in the Word many times to stay in our womanly position in the home. This does not mean we are to sit and do nothing, or that we have no say so in any matter, but rather, that we do not interfere with what the Spirit is speaking to our head. Then we must be willing and obedient to do as the Spirit and our head direct. Each home is run under the direction of the Holy Spirit. In some homes the wife is given more responsibilities than in others. But we all have one common role in the home. God has given us something very serious, very beautiful, and very exciting to do!

Part II "THE HEDGE" will be in next month's issue of The Fruitful Vine

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