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"Thy wife shall be as a FRUITFUL VINE by the sides of thy house." Psalm 128:3a

Recent News Warnings                    from J. Kirkpatrick
The Watchman's Lament                 a prophetic poem by J. Glasco
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Recent News Warning:

Nitrates in 90 % of U.S.A.'s Water Supply

This warning stated: The percentage of nitrates now found in our water supply caused from chemical wash off from agricultural fields is enough to kill a small baby.

It has been common knowledge for quite a few years that nitrates are seeping into our water supply. The percentage of nitrates has now risen to alarming rates. We felt we should warn the body of Christ of this danger, and suggest methods to insure your water is purified.

One of the best things you can do is to locate a fresh spring far from agriucltural runoff in which to get your drinking water. Many choose the new filter systems for the home containing activated - carbon charcoal filters. Charcoal will remove bad tastes, odors, and many organic compounds including pesticides, chloroform, and solvents --- but not bacteria, nitrate, sodium, fluoride, or heavy metals.

Many times water from your faucet contains lead from pipes. Never use hot water from the faucet for drinking or cooking because it leaches lead from pipes faster than cold. If you want almost complete removal of lead --- along with arsenic, asbestos, parasite cysts, and nitrate --- you might look into reverse-osmosis filters. To disinfect water, boil it for three to five minutes which also evaporates chlorine and some volatile chlorination by products.

*** For additional information see Reader's Digest, Feb 1994, "How to Make Sure Your Drinking Water's Safe", condensed from "Health" by John Poppy, p 95 - 98. ***


...from a prophetic poem given to J. Glasco

I am telling you ahead of time that an earthquake is coming.
I am telling you beforehand. The earth will quake in this land;

Prepare and take heed for upon many this judgment will fall,
And it's destructive effects will be seen and felt by all.

Mortal man has gone beyond the line where judgments set in motion
Can't be prevented in time, not even by prayers of devotion.

Identify and compare with the Israelites in Moses' day;
Hide yourself in Me and flee from worldly contamination.
I will allow this to pass over while you abide in consecration.

The storms will blow and wreck devastation on the land
That once was blessed and covetously admired;

A land once steeped in promises and prayerful supplication
Now awaits a billowy fire.

The economy is threatening to fail; Believe it so,
My judgments here will prevail.

It is only a small matter of time
When the money runs out and man's attention will be mine.

Modern technology is a disgrace to the human race;
It is not my plan for man to take the blueprint from My hands.
This idol has become a god, this creation with no face.

No marks from this world shall my people bear.
Spiritual adultery is in the air;

Wild deceptions have been bought by those asleep
Humanist spirituality and new Age religions
Have been embraced by My sheep.

Oh, desolation, desolation upon this nation I've proclaimed.
Be ready! Be prepared! Those I've called by My Holy Name.

Be ready! Be prepared for the wrath poured out.
There will be no time after this begins to reclaim
Instructions and callings you once held in disdain.

Too late! --- Too late! Once I have begun to desolate;
Take advantage of the time for the hour is late! Don't wait!

Recently we asked the ladies on our mailing list to share what the Lord is speaking to their hearts. The following timely notes are from the body of Christ. Thank you for your input.

Quote: "...The Lord is really showing me what time we're living in; the third (3rd) day which is when He brings His Firstfruits, body of Christ into manifestation. We're the 42nd generation. Clinton is the 42nd President.

The Lord showed me this about the number 1996. The number 9 is how long in the natural it takes to bring forth a baby in a woman. Spiritually it has taken that long to bring the body of Christ out of the feminine spirit, a woman, church systems. The number 6 represents man, Adam nature. But in 1997 the number 7 represents man's completion. Also 6 x 7 is 42 which is the 42nd generation. Praise God!" From J. Whitten

Quote: "...I know these are the last days. The Lord gave me a prophetic word at church Sunday, "I am coming back. I am coming back soon. Are you ready! Are your robes washed white as snow? Why are you saying, `I am OK', and you're not? Love one another as I have loved you." I don't remember the exact words. I have been going through a very, very difficult time the last six months. My husband has cancer and we believe he will be healed or is healed already. God has used this to mature us in a way that we would have never matured other wise. Praise the Lord! It took a long time for me to come to the place where I can truly trust my Lord and Savior. I am at such a peace that I can't explain it. Only Jesus knows. It's the peace that passes all understanding. Praise His Holy Name!

The scripture the Lord has shown me about some of the churches today is I Samuel 4:21-22. The glory of God has departed from some of the churches. I'm not talking about "non-believers" churches. What an abomination to God! I am praying and interceding for the churches that God puts on my heart. We, the church, have become a lazy, apathetic organism. People are not keeping themselves spotless, I Timothy 5:22b (Keep yourself pure). God is coming back for a church without spot or wrinkle. We must redeem the time, Ephesians 5:16. And when we have confessed and repented we will have times of refreshing with our Lord, Acts 3:19." From D. Bennett

Do you have a word of wisdom, a vision for the days ahead, a poem, an illustration, or a personal experience that could help others in the body of Christ? We would like to share the vital words you, as part of the body, have to say to the body.

Click on the following link to email us what the Lord is speaking to you for the body of Christ in this hour.


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