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Judgment on America!                          a prophetic poem by  J.  Glasco
Numbered with Ninevey!                      a prophetic poem by  J.  Glasco


by J. Glasco

Judgment on America
is drawing very near
and with it, people stand to lose
the things they hold so dear

Their treasures and possessions
their silver and their gold
the gods they've heaped unto themselves
to worship and to hold

Perhaps we're blind and cannot see
we stand to lose much more
the freedom and the liberty
this nation has stood for

God has blessed America
His Son has been her light
as we seek to defy mankind
our day will turn to night

Man is god in his own eyes
he answers to himself
while God's Word, the Holy Bible
gathers dust upon the shelf

We bend and break the laws of God
It's `relative' we say
Behold our sin will find us out
There'll be a reckoning day

By: I Hotakainen Minnesota

Judgment on America God says it shall be sent
Repent! For the Kingdom of God is at hand

There will be a mighty rushing wind
The wind will fan the coals
that have been smoldering for years;

No fire or flame has every come from it
Man has not had the ability to extinguish
or revitalize it;

The Great Harvest is here.

The fan is in My hand, says the Lord.
These works that I do --

No credit will be given to any man.
With my breath, I breathe on the dry places laid waste --

I breathe upon the dry bones scattered
throughout each place.

No man will be able to stop these works that I have prepared--
To both judge and deliver my people
Which are ensnared.

I am speaking to the watchman over the earth
to bring my sayings to those who have ears to hear
Those who will love Me above all things,
which are of any worth.

His fan is stirring up the stench that is in this country.
The foulness of the odor has reached
the nostrils of God and sanctified man.

This stench has brought forth the outpouring of the wrath
and oncoming judgments to the nation of America.

Numbered with Nineveh

By J Glasco

With my breath I will blow out the candlelight
of those institutions whose birthright has been sold
for praises of man, lust, greed, and gold.

To the prophet Nahum, I gave a vision of a city that was in total need of revision.

I number this country as the city Nineveh of old
Where the prophet Jonah was sent
To give one message --- Repent ! Repent !
As in America today, Jonah's message in time grew cold.

I am telling the saints to not faint
but to look to Me and wholly rely
To always be looking up
For their redemption draws nigh.

My judgments run true to form
Adhere to My words and My sayings
My trumpets are now sounding the alarms.

Take heed to not be found wanting
In the balance you will be weighed;
My purpose and will are for each one to be saved.

America has purposely voted in heads of state
who do not know Me and have erected high places
for their gods of technology, materialism, immortality,
power, and the church apostate.

Now is not the time to fall asleep and dream
of the good times gone by or those which are to come;
Even now you can see the wrath forthcoming that I still keep.
Nation against nation, no peace for those who seek

Droughts, floods, nature's imbalance, temperatures out of control
Famine, pestilence, and plagues
Whose cures no man really knows.

America has put the god of man upon the throne
and to this abomination I cannot abide
I have made man to serve Me, the Holy One of Israel
and worship Me alone.

As a nation, this one was most favorably blessed
I have given wisdom, peace, prosperity,
and vast revelation of My written Word
Many see and hear, but have not really heard.

And now the chosen, My called out ones
Will have the opportunity to overcome
This will be done by following My Spirit and My only Son.

You will know were to go, what to say, and what to do
No greater time is there upon the earth
than to be called and known as a Spiritual Jew.


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