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"Thy wife shall be as a FRUITFUL VINE by the sides of thy house." Psalm 128:3a

What Would You Do?                           submitted by C. Lawyer
Free to Choose                                      by I. Hotakainen
Cleansing the Temple                             by I. Hotakainen
A Vision of Deatruction                         from L. Bodo

??? What Would You Do ???

submitted by C. Lawyer, TX

What would you do if one morning
You heard a knock and it said
6:00 A.M. by the clock?

Would you wake up with a smile?
Or try to go on sleeping for awhile?

If the caller knocked once more,
Would you go see who was at the door?

When you saw him, would you understand?
Or would you say, "Who is that man?"

If he said he was Jesus, what would you do?
Would you ask Him in to visit with you?

Or would you leave Him standing outside
While you rushed around looking for the things
you wanted to hide?

If He said He'd come to spend the day
Would you take Him with you
As you do the things you always do?

If friends came over, would you tell them His name?
Or would having Him there bring you shame?

When your friends did the things they always do
What if they asked Him to do them, too?

Would you just laugh and say it's all in fun?
Would you forget that He's God's Son?

Could you see the halo around His hair
Or would it look to you like nothing was there?

If He said, "I love you very much",
Could you feel heaven in His touch?

After He'd gone, and was there no more
Would you still be the same
After Jesus came knocking at your door?

Free to Choose

By I. Hotakainen

Everyone is free to choose
The way that he will go

The broad way of destruction
Or the narrow way to God

My Jesus chose the narrow way
He set His face as flint

He knew His death would liberate
So to the cross He went

He chose the way of suffering
He died upon that tree

Because He looked ahead and saw
The sins of you and me

He saw America today
Her people so deceived

In the name of freedom
Turn their backs on the Holy Trinity

Free to choose abortion
Any lifestyle that they will

Yet God's Word says "Be Holy"
And God's Word says "Don't Kill"

There is a way that seemeth right
As we strive to win life's game

Tho man has thrown the rule's away
The Rule Book's still the same

Hell's gaping jaws are open wide
The scoffers to receive

The Arms of Love still there for those
Who will surrender and believe

Oh yes, we are so free to choose
The way that we will go

But one day soon, we'll bow to Him
Have we made Him our Judge or Lord?

John 8:32

Cleansing The Temple

by I. Hotakainen

Jesus cleansed the temple
He's doing it again
Today His temple is
Within the hearts of men

"Thou shalt love the Lord with all thine heart"
The Lord God said that day
He has never changed, and never will
Tho man has turned away

"Come back to Me", He cries today
Your heart has grown so cold
It's filled with idols wood and stone
All that glitters is not gold

I will not always strive with you
For I must judge your sin
Cast out the worthless "bric-a-brac"
And let Me enter in

For only I can cleanse your heart
And purify the stain
My blood was shed on Calvary
To make you whole again

Behold, I stand at the door
And long to set your spirit free
Yet you have closed the door on Me
And said, "We have no need"

I'll show how great your need is
As I purge and purify
Tho you've made My house a den of thieves
I'm not sitting idly by

My righteous anger is kindled
against Jerusalem
And I'll not stop until
I've made you fit to enter in

Mark 11:16

A vision from Lazlo Bodo: ...In a prayer meeting I saw in vision the USA --- the whole country --- from above. I was somewhere live over the Mexican Bushel. Suddenly I saw that from the San Diego direction to New York the land was cracking open. On the east side of the crack I saw many people in white robes. On the west side of the crack, and to the north, I saw people with black robes; but between them I also saw white robed people. I heard the voice, "My people, come over to the right side, because the crack will get greater and greater, and you will not be able to jump over it". The meaning of the vision is the separation of the believers in Christ from the unbelievers.

In another meeting I saw in vision a white road. People in white clothes walked on it. On both sides of this white road was darkness. But I could see that in the darkness, parallel with the white road, many demons were moving. Bows and arrows were in their hands, shooting them on the people in white clothes. Some of these people collapsed because they were wounded by the arrows. Some of the wounded dragged themselves, others were not able to go. The rest of the people bypassed the wounded ones, nobody helped them. The voice said, "Reach down and lift up your brethren, carry them with you."

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