The  Fruitful  Vine

"Thy wife shall be as a FRUITFUL VINE by the sides of thy house." Psalm 128:3a

The Apocalypse Begins                                 a poem by J. Glasco
Regeneration                                                 a poem by F. Moore
Let There be Light                                         a poem by I. Hotakainen


Agriculture is in a bind,
And the erratic stock market
Is not far behind;
Daily living is in a decline -

The long-term effects will begin to wreck
Storehouses and granaries of systems
That have previously been held in check.

Vast fields now lay barren
The ground not producing or giving its yield;
Many a dried stalk is seen in a vacant field.

Windswept plains and flooded areas
Cause many to weep now and moan in hysteria.

Oh, people, in a vast nation -
When will you come to a realization?
That this is no ordinary civilization

No century in the history of man will have viewed the
Cataclysmic events coming to this land.

Quickly! Rapidly! Come unto Me,
And I will cover you and shelter you from what is to be;
I will give you victory and number you -

As those who overcome have nothing to lose.
Many battles will be fought and not won
By those who do not trust and worship the Son.

Oh, plush livelihoods and comfort zones
Will be leaving for some, And for a few, already gone;
Expensive vacations and lavish entertainment
Will be events of the past, no longer spent.

The thin thread holding the old ways
Will soon break,
And you will know without a doubt


Technology, skills, and dependence upon machines
Have disarmed modern man's ability to survive
For the oncoming time when it will take all to stay alive.

There is something coming upon the earth
That is going to change the predictions and goals of man.
Something new that I've warned you of by My prophets beforehand.

by  F.  Moore

A majestic eagle
Appeared in my dream.
He was white as snow,
Unlike any I've seen.

He broke through some clouds
That were dark and forboding
But the bird itself
Was not angry or scolding.

The look from his eye
Was intensely Regal.
There was something unique
About this ultra white eagle.

I found us conversing
Some way with the mind
And I discovered this bird
To be gentle and kind.

I reaped of his peace
As he passed my way
And regretted deeply
He could not stay.

I knew I was blessed
By this visitation
And it left a desire
For regeneration.

Perception grew clear
As I finally awoke
And I felt the release
Of a heavy yoke.

Not bound to the things
Of this earth anymore,
With new eagle wings
I began to soar.

Let There Be Light
by I. Hotakainen

Let there be light in the darkness
Let there be light in the sky
The trumpet shall blast the finale
Jesus is coming on high

No more will the orphan be homeless
Their voice crying out in the night
Crying for someone to love them
Angels are heralding their plight

Harken, my children and listen
Do not be lulled into sleep
The shadows deepen and darken
And wolves are mistaken for sheep

I'll love you as long as you'll let Me
I've sent you My Spirit of grace
I'm longing to be right there with you
Beholding you each, face to face

Faithful is He who has called you
Triumphant, He will ever prevail
His plan of the ages unfolding
His abounding grace cannot fail

Limitless, unending, eternal
This thing He's unveiling to you
That you may share in His glory
Spotless, blameless, and true

Love one another as I have loved you
Perfect love casteth out fear
As you lay down your life for your brother
Jesus draws ever so near

Dark is that hour preceding
The dawn that bringeth the light
The night can last only until
The day star shineth so bright

Jesus your Lord is the morning star
The light sent from heaven above
The light overcometh the darkness
And you are perfected in love


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