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"Thy wife shall be as a FRUITFUL VINE by the sides of thy house." Psalm 128:3a

I Am Unity                         by B. Taliaferro
The Trumpet's Blast            by J.  Glasco
Quote                                 by Don Laughlin

by Brenda Taliaferro

Cut the cord of discord!

You seek to be loosed from all earthly ties; binding what you should loose and loosing what you should bind. You sing, "Bind us together Lord," while in your heart you are loosing all manner of discord.

"This is the Day of the Lord," you say; yet, You seek to do according to your own understanding of what MY Day is. I AM the Lord of the Harvest, and a great harvest I will gather from the four corners of the earth. But, first, a boiling pot from the North must come. Do you not understand, MY children that MY Words are pure Words, tried in the furnace seven times. I will give food to the hungry, tried with fire, and that Word is the Truth that will set them free from all earthly ties.

You go from meeting to meeting seeking the Word of the Lord and return to your cities making great boasts as the little horn in Daniel. MY Kingdom will not be established through human agency, nor will it consist in words, but in power. Seven periods of time are passing over MY people, and I will teach you the difference between the Holy and profane. I alone can deliver you from every evil deed and bring you safely into MY Heavenly Kingdom. When the enemy comes, he will find no ground of accusation or evidence of corruption in you, and you will serve ME in faithfulness.

Cut the cord of discord toward your brethren and know that I have placed within each of you a different facet of MY nature.

Cut the cord of discord, and let ME perfect you in unity, for I AM your peace.

I have made one new man, the Law fulfilled in Grace. So, when all is said and done, know that you are coming together as One in MY Spirit.

I AM the Head, you are MY Body, MY Temple, MY Dwelling Place, and in you MY Mystery shall be finished!

by J. Glasco

Blow the trumpet! Hear the blast!
The future has been foretold instead of the past.
The judgments forewarned are here at last.

I can hear the trumpet sounding - I fear not
For God's mercy and grace are abounding;
Blessings and not curses are what we've got.

Blessed are those who have understanding
And hearken not unto the deceptions of man;
For behold, you will see the manifestation
Of things I've told You of beforehand.

I have given you a place to perform exploits for the human race.
I will be your guide as you perform My word to the nations wide.

Hear Me! -- Listen to Me! As I perform My wrath for all to see
There will be no doubt that these acts are really of Me.

Famines, pestilence and demon inhabitations
Make this a nation of tribulation.
Government and financial collapse
Mark this nation outlined in Lamentations.

Oh, Nation - be forewarned! Those who I've marked will come to no harm. Prepare to listen and move as I sound the alarms.

Trust Me -- Believe Me and do not be dismayed.
When the judgments poured out Will carry many away.

Be watchful -- Be careful!
Seductive deceptions have been laid out.
The enemy has laid out snares everywhere.
Self-made plans will trip the devout.

Be forewarned as I blow this horn.
I will do nothing before I put the Called-out Ones on the alert.
The judgments poured out will be a confirmation for the reborn.

Blessed are they whose lives have been laid down in sacrifice;
Cleansed and washed by the blood of the Lamb;
They have walked in covenant as My servant Abraham.

Do not fear -- My judgments are here
Don't you hear the trumpet blast?
They are here at last.

Quote by Don Laughlin:

The church has been spending almost 2000 years trying to grow up. Worrying about what it will be like when it grows up to maturity has been a roadblock.

This is similar to a child thinking of what it will be like to be an adult. The natural thoughts of a child brings him into fear, for he hasn't the maturity to handle adulthood. And when he becomes an adult, the child has to throw off the fears of childhood or he will not be able to take his place effectively as an adult.

The church is now in a similar situation. It has to come to maturity: and one thing it has to do is throw off the generations of fear and enter into the maturity that Christ desires of His church. This is the responsibility of this generation.

In October `93, I happened to see a preacher on TV who was very strongly teaching that Christians will escape the tribulation. There was a demon, the same size as the preacher, standing on the preacher's left. The demon was acting quite dignified. Then the Lord said that the demon through the preacher was stealing faith to believe Scripture verses as, "I will build My church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it," and "The earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea."

Those that receive and believe this message, the devil can keep from fulfilling God's purposes for the church upon the earth. This "doctrine of demons" is able to gain such a great following because of the fear of the future upon so many causing them to accept this "Ishmael" doctrine as an easy way out.

God is allowing this doctrine as a test, to help find those who are willing to follow the Lord with all their heart and soul, Numbers 13:8 so as to go on to the maturity the Lord requires of this generation.

Quote: Because we live in perilous times, and wickedness abounds, I was, of course, concerned and fearful for the future of our children and grandchildren. The Lord spoke peace to in Numbers 13:32; 14:3; 14:31... to quit bringing up an evil report of the land, and our little ones shall not be given for a prey... They are in the Lord's hands and His protection will prevail... Furthermore Psalm 2 says, He is laughing at the puny evil plans of man... From Shirley Cupler

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