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"Thy wife shall be as a FRUITFUL VINE by the sides of thy house." Psalm 128:3a

What Time is It?                                    by  L. Green
A poem                                                 from P. Szczepkowski
A Poem                                                 from Emery Wilson
Commumication With the Father            by J. Glasco
Just A Grape                                         by S. Brown

What Time Is It ?
by L Green

It's time to be free -------- free and unattached;
To feel no restraints ------- a feeling unmatched.

Put away the bother, the fuss, and overmuch care.
Don't keep it all within yourself; let someone else share.

Don't stretch way out upon a limb;
Stressed and troubled; full to the brim.

Problems in your mind; dragging your spirits down;
No matter how you dismiss them, they're still around.

Isn't it time to let go, for what else can you do?
A weight is a pressure, it can overwhelm you.

It's time to be free ---- without anxiety.
Let all doubts rest; seize your liberty!

Things can mean too much, they can choke out one's will;
We must weigh them out and learn how to be still.

Over a period of time, we'll live to see;
Too much thought or concern keep one from being free.

So set your mind at ease ----
meditate on God's Word,
don't complain;
And the droughts of life shall bring seasons of rain.

Rains of victory! Refreshing peace..........
Distilling contentment that shall never cease.

A poem from P. Szczepkowski, OR

Many a man lie asleep
Locked up in the deep
And never can know the Lord
Until their soul, He keeps.

And many a man that passes
Forever in the night
Can never know the glory
Of God's celestial light.

Until the darkness passes away
And the daystar then arises
Many a soul will lie asleep
Until the sun upon them rises.

But there will come that time
When all eyes will behold Him
And every tongue then confess
From Him their lives now stems.

King of Kings, Lord of Lords!
Creator of Heaven and earth
"All things" will then return
And in Him, find new birth.

And they that know their God
In Him, they shall wax strong
And they mighty exploits do
In God a mighty throng.

For they have laid aside
The works of that `ol soul
And entered into the higher realm
For He has made them whole.

Having been made "one" with the Father
An expression of His will
Clothed upon with His righteousness
That `ol self been brought to nill.

Going forth His mighty army
Through their God to meet all needs
"The Living Word" from the Father
An Epistle the world can read.

And having read, they will comprehend
Just what righteousness demands
As high and lifted up, they see "Him"
In His holy first-fruit band.

A Poem from Emery Wilson, CA

There's times in my life when I feel so blue
Struggling along without you.

I find you there My Savior and King
I'm lifted up with the joy that you bring.

By faith, I can see my heavenly home
There with Jesus, God calls His own.

Life is so precious
With love we shall share.

O the joy of His presence
To dwell with Him there.

(A Word for the Chosen, Called-Out Ones)

Jesus, Jesus,
Forgive me for all of the idolatry and sin
For being involved in time-wasting activities that I've been in.

Oh, what an enlightenment has come to me!
When my eyes are now opened and at last I can see.

Oh, God, help me
For I am powerless, you see -
For without You, I am helpless and live in iniquity

Be great in me, overcome me with Your presence
While I am weak and afflicted, I bow to You in humility.

Now, my thoughts are yours -
The mind of Christ is in me
For truly, I seek Your face
And as I do this, You take my hand to show me
Your plans and the happenings to the human race.

I lay down my life as a sacrifice
So that you can pour in Your oil to save human lives.

Why have I been so stubborn?
Why have I held back?
When deep down in my soul, I've known of this lack.

For the wooings and beckoning of the Holy Spirit
Are awesome this hour;
The time has come, the day draws near
From on high He will endue us with His power;
He is soon to come back, and we have only hours.

Now, get in your closet and lie prostrate -
Cry out for what is about to come to the human race.
I will have a people who will continually seek My face.
You know that the time is so near -- Now make haste.

My children, it will not be long
When My called-out ones will be singing a new song.

A song of joy and gladness without measure
For your only desire will be to fulfill My pleasure.

You will walk on the high places -
No evil circumstance will touch you as you run life's races.

The life that I've chosen for you is to overcome.
Now, come unto Me; let me breathe My life into you,
And you will see life's battles will be won.

Just a Grape

In Exodus 3:5 God told Moses to "Put off thy shoes...." The shoes signify the day to day walk in the earth, or our general busyness. Just as Moses had to put off his shoes before the Lord we need to put off our shoes before the Lord in the spirit. If we won't put off our general busyness during our quiet time with Him it will disrupt the flow of the Holy Spirit.     S. Brown, OH

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