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The Man of Perdition              by  J. Glasco
Vision                                     from NJW
A Word                                 from J. Kirkpatrick
God's Holy Firstfruit Band      A Poem by P. Szczepkowski  
Just a Grape    The Upward Struggle or the Downward Slide

by J. Glasco

The man of perdition is about to be revealed
This soon coming hour; Be watchful, be prepared
For many will be deceived at the revealing of his power.

Awaken! for many will be taken into the deception,
For his identity most have been mistaken.

There is a call for man to wake up before the coming fall;
Take these things you have previously heard
and prove them now in My word!

He will come as one who walks with and hears from the Son;
Kindly smiles and lies hold the mask on the face
and actions that beguile;

Thus far, a wall of deception and lies
Hide the schemes and plans of this foreign ally.

This man has the power to rise above the present judgments
Of economic collapse and natural disasters;

His life is a portrait of world success and exaltation,
Deeds done in the past have won accolades from this nation.

The Word of God is a sword
to be used against the approaching horde;

The enemy would appear to rush in like a flood,
But God's people are once and for all covered by the blood.

Be ever watchful, minding the signs of the times,
But know that your spirit and soul are Mine.

The Judgments are now falling and coming at a more rapid pace.
Don't be alarmed, and don't fear for this is My mandate for the human race.

Look to the heavenlies for the signs in the skies
No one will doubt that its time to look up
For their redemption draws nigh;

There will be no escape from this tribulation,
But My saints will await and participate in glorious jubilation.

It is time for you to look upon the heavenly Jew;
He has been revealed and manifested to only a few.

Christ Jesus comes to earth to abide in you.
Oh, resurrection power!
That comes so abundantly to us when we need it these last hours,

Saints, be aware of heightened coming deceptions,
Beware! The angel of light will fool many as we move into the night;
Pour in the oil, so that your lamp will burn bright
To enable you to find your way
By following your Lord and Savior's great light.

The path ahead is slippery and dark,
Only by this heavenly light should you safely embark.

The leaders and powers that be are now setting the course
Into action that will change lives for all eternity.

Vision: One night I dreamed I saw the stars fall from heaven, and the ground was in flames of fire. The earth was filled with dead bodies: children, mothers and fathers, old men, old women, young men and young women were all dead. Luke 17:29-30 says, "But the same day that Lot went out of Sodom it rained fire and brimstone from heaven and destroyed them all."

Even thus shall it be in the day when the Son of Man is revealed. If we don't believe God's Word and take up the cross and follow Jesus Christ, God's son, it will be as it was in Sodom, or in the days of Noah. From NKW

A Word from J. Kirkpatrick

Have you ever invited guests to a gathering, but waited until the last minute, and found you did not have enough time for the necessary preparations? We need to ask ourselves, "What am I doing for the last minute preparations that need to be made before the coming day of God's judgment on the earth? Am I willing to fill in the gap? Do I do as the Father asks, but mutter and complain the whole time? What attitude adjustments do I need to make in my own walk, that I might humble myself and become a mature, responsible part of God's end time company of leaders?

Or are we as the one to whom Asaph, the Psalmist, brought exhortation? "Seeing thou hatest instruction, and casteth My words behind you," Psalm 50:17. Have we justified our own walk in the Lord and refused to hear the instruction of our leaders? Do we shovel all admonition, correction, and reproof back to others in the congregation?

Now is the day for us to search our own hearts. Now is the day of preparation. Now is the time to work out our own salvation with fear and trembling, Philippians 2:12. Beloved, begin today to become what God has planned and predestined for you in this hour! Look up for thy redemption draweth nigh!

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God's Holy Firstfruit Band
P. Szczepkowski   Oregon

Many a man lies asleep
Locked up in the deep
And never can know the Lord
Until their soul, He keeps

And many a man that passes
Forever in the night
Can never know the glory
Of God's celestial light

Until the darkness passes away
And the daystar then arises
Many a soul will lie asleep
Until the sun upon them rises.

But there will come that time
When all eyes will behold Him
And every tongue then confess
From Him their lives now stems.

King of Kings, Lord of Lords!
Creator of Heaven and earth
"All things" will then return
And in Him, find new birth.

And they that know their God
In Him, they shall wax strong
And they mighty exploits do
In God a mighty throng.

For they have laid aside
The works of that `ol soul
And entered into the higher realm
For He has made them whole.

Having been made "one" with the Father
An expression of His will
Clothed upon with His righteousness
That `ol self been brought to nil.

Going forth His mighty army
Through their God to meet all needs
"The Living Word" from the Father
An Epistle the world can read.

And having read, they will comprehend
Just what righteousness demands
As high and lifted up, they see "Him"
In His holy first-fruit band.

Just a grape ...

The Upward Struggle or the Downward Slide:

It's the little things you do for others that are the hardest to remember to do during your day; like praying, reading them the Word, encouragement and praise. It is so easy to fall into apathy, neglect, murmuring, and complaining.

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