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"Thy wife shall be as a FRUITFUL VINE by the sides of thy house." Psalm 128:3a
Our Children                              a poem from Bev
True Mothers In Israel               by J. Kirkpatrick
Too Busy                                  a poem by D. Spearman

a poem from B. Baker, Ohio

A miracle happened on a very special day.
A tiny little angel was born,
Sent from heaven,
Came to earth,
The miracle of giving birth!
That soft tender baby, so cuddly and warm---
Brings a world of innocence, that to us is unknown.

One look at that child,
A mother's heart will be stolen,
Never again will her life be her own.

The world will rob, steal and devour,
Take away our joy each and every hour.

Push our children
Push them away
Rob us of blessings that they give us each day.
Forget the kids, ignore their silly chatter.
For we must think about more important matters.

Money is low
Finances are thin
We must work on making our bank accounts fatter.

Run here! Run there! Rush! Rush! Rush!
Now we fill up our lives, we're busy so much

Our little ones speak and what do they hear?
"Shut up!"
"I'm too busy!"
"Will you get outta here!"
We tend to forget, children have a soft heart.
Pain from harsh words won't quickly depart
Their feelings are real
And so are their feats
They ought not to be ignored through their growing up years.
A child is a blessing from God
Truly more precious than gold.
For if we live them
From deep in our hearts
A treasure will start to unfold.
That treasure is the nature of Christ
That will become more and more a part of our life
For through our weakness
We are made strong
Putting our trust in Him where it belongs.
So look at your child and thank God every day.
Remember these words,
"A child shall lead the way!"

Consider! When does the training of the child begin? We must begin now to prepare the foundations of the home. We, as True Mothers in Israel, need to "consider our ways" to prepare for the new Spiritual birth we long to bring forth. Our inner bodies must be built up and strengthened before conception so that we may bring forth strong, Spiritually healthy children. I encourage you to place these foundation principles in your home in anticipation to bringing forth new Spiritual life.

by J. Kirkpatrick

A True Mother in Israel is acquainted with and proclaims Wise Sayings of Old. A True Mother in Israel is Peaceable and Faithful. She is known throughout the city for her Wise Sayings of Peace and Faith.

Let these words be in you, Wise Mothers of Israel. Be as the Wise Woman in II Samuel 20:16-19 who says:
"I am one who is Peaceable and Faithful in Israel"

Let me never be remembered as the stranger who flattereth with her lips, Pro 2:16. She needs always to be recognized, for others to pay attention to her. She always divides and plunders with her words. She is always speaking, smooth, slippery and deceitful promises. She has forsaken and neglected the guide of her youth. She has forsaken and neglected to be associated with those who are of a docile manner. They have become her enemies. She is no longer a close, intimate friend of these influences of her youth. She has forgotten and is oblivious to God's covenant. She has mislaid God's covenant because she has not retained His promised inheritance in all her thoughts. She is not as the Wise Woman in II Samuel 20 who refuses to allow the inheritance of the Lord to be swallowed up.

Let me not be remembered as an whorish woman who is unfaithful, Pro 7:10. She wears the attire of an harlot and possesses a guard, a watch over her inner soul, so that none may see her true nature. For a whore is a deep ditch; and a strange woman is a narrow pit, Pro 23:27. For a whore is unfaithful to God, her husband and her family when she allows herself to dwell in deep, unsearchable pits of depression. To be a strange, whorish woman is foreign to what God expects of True Mothers of Israel. She acts in unknown, unfamiliar ways to bind and cause distress. She no longer recognizes why she hurts others and is unable to come up from the depths of the narrow pits she has sunken into. The father and the children are in confusion seeking why she seeks to cramp and put them into her narrow straits. Why does she press hard upon her family, showing hostility and constant harassment? She has become so narrow in her own pit of despair and distress that the love and attributes of God are no longer reflective and made clear in her well-spring of water. Depression, despair and distress have muddled any good her life-giving well originally contained so that all she attempts to do is contaminated.

Let me not be remembered as a foolish, clamorous, simple woman who knows nothing, Pro 9:13. She pointlessly laughs at absurd, senseless and stupid remarks. She murmurs, growls, is often in a rage, always in an uproar and stirring up boisterous turbulence. In her foolish naivete, she is destitute of the qualities of the Wise Woman in II Samuel 20

Let me not be remembered as a woman who is without discretion, Pro 11:22. She casts her pearls and jewels of gold before swine. Why would she as a fair woman let her brilliance and beauty be carried about in the garbage and much of the earth, allowing her beauty to be marred forever in the mire of the mud and the dust of the world? She knows not how to turn aside and avoid the much and mire of the world.

Let me not be remembered as the wife who maketh ashamed, Pro 12:4. She brings confusion into the home through disorder and irregularity. It is as worms destroying the strength of the home. Let me not bring my husband to open shame by causing him anguish or pain by making him wait anxiously, wondering what will spew forth next from my mouth to cause distress to the household and all therein. Let me not put forth these negative attributes in the training of our children. Our children are his strength, the strength of his members, the mighty, numerous arrows in his quiver. Let not my words and actions allow his strength to rot away and decay.

Let me not be remembered as an unwise, silly, foolish, woman, Pro 14:1. She pulls down and breaks in pieces her home and family by laziness, Pro 14:1. Help me, Lord to come up out of this narrow pit. Let me never fall again into the habit of slothfulness and melancholy. Help me, Lord, to resist depression and heaviness of mind which seeks to keep me sleepy, drowsy and oblivious to my responsibilities. Lift me out of this narrow pit of depression that I may be quick to hear, see and comprehend the proper actions for my family and my household. Help me to keep my eyes from evil things which would cause me to vegetate in inactivity. Show me how to work on my diet that I can have strength to be active and in productive motion for my household.

Let me not be remembered as a brawling woman, Pro 21:9. She sows discord and strife by entering into and promoting quarreling and contention. She feels she must always plead her cause. Her desire is to have rule of the home. all judgments must first be scrutinized by her dissertation. Her accusing voice echoes throughout the home. Her opinions are always at variance, producing angry passions to surface and reverberate from every corner, crag, crook and cranny.

Let me not be remembered as the odious woman, Pro 30:23. She causes the earth to be disquieted by disgusting, offensive remarks to the senses. She stirs up hatefulness to irritate, rouse and cause anger. She quivers with violent emotions of anger. She frets, provokes, rages, causes great wrath to fall over the entire home. She continually disturbs and deprives her home of peace, rest and tranquillity. All who dwell their in are harassed, uneasy, restless and vexed in their minds.

Let me not be remembered as the contentious woman, Pro 21:19. She drives those who dwell in her house to the wilderness. She struggles to hold, maintain and defend every inch of ground, striving and struggling for superiority. She use every earnest effort to obtain, defend and preserve her own position. She usually utters noisy words to drive away by scolding railing words of reproof. She attempts to disprove, dispute and drive with agitation, arguments and dissension so as to maintain her own opinions. She denies and attempts to disprove the justness of all conclusions.

"Only by pride cometh contention", Pro 13:10. She who is a contentious, prideful woman seeks many ways to destroy and lay another in ruin in her drive to exert her superiority. Those who flee to escape this quarreling, debate and strife are surely driven to the wilderness of desolate waste and ruin. She has driven in all her home to cry out with a loud voice because of her complaining and murmuring, because of her petty fights and scuffling, because of the darts and javelins she shouts forth in squabbles, strifes and scuffles.

"Contention is like bars of a castle," Pro 18:19. It causes all to bolt and flee suddenly, chasing and driving them away, and putting them to flight; while contention sits as an high, elevated citadel, towering high above all.

"A fool's lips enter into contention and his mouth calleth for strokes," Proverbs 18:6

Let me not be the foolish woman who uses her lips in arrogance. Her speech spills forth and sweeps away, destroying and consuming all in its way. As a mighty wind she scrapes away and makes all in her path barren and wasted. All who are caught up and captured by her cutting two-edged words are swept away, scraped barren and tossed to and fro by her continual gusts. She accosts all those she meets, constantly reciting contentious words. She cries out with loud utterances and proclamations. name calling pours forth as water from an unstopped faucet. Every encounter ends in hostility and anger. Continual blows, hammered endlessly strike down all in her path.

"The Contentions of a wife are a continual dropping," Pro 19:13.

Let me not be remembered as the contentious wife who stirreth up strife continually by tearfully demanding to be the master of the household. Her continual tears of weeping to get her way proceed without interruption or cessation. Her frequent outbursts pursue and chase for hours afterward. In repeated succession they begin anew at every opportunity without end. Her continual tears become a constant, never-ending irritation to all. Help me, Lord, to change so that those I love do not seek for the corners of the house to escape my words and actions of wrath.

"The beginning of strife is as when one letteth out water: therefore, leave off contention, before it be meddled with," Pro. 17:14.
And let me be remembered as...  A Prudent wife  Proverbs 19:14

One who has wise understanding and acts circumspectly in all her ways. Help me, Lord, to learn to develop insight and the ability to consider and ponder before I speak. Help me to become the mirror, the teacher, to my children. Show me how to lay up treasures in heaven so that my home may prosper and be in great success in all Spiritual places.

"A Gracious woman who retaineth honour," Pro 11:16.

Help me, Lord, in true elegance and charm, shows consideration, pity and mercy on others. Help me take good strong hold of honour, dignity and reputation. Show me how to hold fast and help support my family by reverencing my husband.

"A virtuous woman who is a crown to my husband," Proverbs12:4

Let me encircle my home with protection, strength, might and efficiency. Let me be remembered as my husband's efficient helpmeet always encircling him with protection from the little foxes who would seek to penetrate the hedge. A virtuous woman is of much value. She is far more valuable than rubies, for she stands alongside and becomes the strong cornerstone of her whole household. She guards all her actions and words to become the strength of all the corners of her home.

Let me be remembered as this Wise, Prudent, Gracious and Virtuous Woman who builds and makes wise repairs to her home and family, setting her home on a sure foundation. Let me be remembered in the mirror of my children's actions, knowing that I have prepared their coming forth with much labor and travail. If these qualities are not present, how will our children mirror them? If wrong qualities are every before them, what will they copy? Is this not preparing the womb to give birth? Is this not necessary before conception that we might bring forth a righteous seed? When we see the end result of our sacrifice of self to develop and train our children in godly ways, we can well-say, "The hard labors and travails have been worth it all. For all the pain is forgotten when we view the beautiful creation we have nourished and nurtured from conception to Spiritual birth.

Let me be remembered as the Wise Woman in the gates of the city. Her own works will praise her in the gates, II Samuel 20:16 & Pro 31:31.
"I am one who is Peaceable and Faithful in Israel".
***Definitions taken from Online Bible Software and the Webster's 1841 Dictionary***
By D. Spearman OH
Sometimes I get so busy
I get so far behind
I work in such frustration
To my children I'm not so kind
I commence to barking orders
And then see nothing through
And when I look upon the mess
I yell "What did you do?"
Things are scattered here and there
And every which a way
But only because of attention to my children
I did not pay.

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