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"Thy wife shall be as a FRUITFUL VINE by the sides of thy house." Psalm 128:3a

Why Should He Die For Such As I               author unknown
A Note From Heaven                                   from B. Ferguson
Walking the Rails                                         a song by C. Willert
The Lord is My Shepherd                             a poem found by M. McDonall
Just a Grape                                                 by D. Spearman
Words From the Prayer Closet                      a poem by J. Glasco

Why Should He Die For Such As I

author unknown

In everything both great and small
We see the hand of God in all

And in the miracles of Spring
When everywhere, in everything

His handiwork is all around
And every lovely sight and sound

Proclaims the God of earth and sky
I ask myself "Just who am I"

That God should send His only Son
That my salvation would be won

Upon a cross by a sinless man
To bring fulfillment to God's Plan

For Jesus suffered, bled, and died
That sinners might be sanctified

And to grant God's children such as I
Eternal life in that home on high.

A Note From Heaven
submitted by B. Ferguson, Arizona

Dear Beloved One,

I see your loneliness - and fears - your guilt - and frustrations. I see your endless search for love and fulfillment. All this must be, in order for you to come to the end of your own understanding - then you can hear My voice.

Listen carefully amid the noise of this world, and you will hear. I love you. I shed My blood for you to make you clean! Give yourself completely to Me. I created you to be just as you are, and you are lovely in My eyes! Do not criticize yourself or become depressed for not being perfect in your own eyes! This leads only to frustration. I want you to trust Me, one step - one day - one second at a time! Dwell in My power and love - and be free - be yourself! Don't allow other people to control you. I will guide you if you let Me, because of My presence in everything. I give you patience - love - joy and peace. Look to Me for answers, for I am your shepherd and will lead you! Follow Me only! Do not forget this, listen and I will tell you My will! Let My love flow from you and spill over to all - to all you touch! Be not concerned with yourself. You are My responsibility! I will change you without your knowledge!

You are to love yourself - and - love others simply because I love you. Take your eyes off yourself, look only at Me! I lead - I change - I create, but not when you are striving! You are Mine... Let Me have the joy of making you like Christ! Your only command is to look to Me - and only Me - never to yourself - and never - to others! Do not struggle, but relax in my love! I know what is best and will do it in you. Stop trying to become, and let Me make you what I want. My will is perfect. My love is sufficient! I will supply all your needs ... only look at Me. I love you. Your heavenly Father

Walking on the Rails
a song given in the Spirit to D. Willert, CA

You have been walking on the RAILS
I have been with you, and never failed
I will go with you through thick and thin
You are not only my son you are my Friend

The Lord is My Shepherd!
submitted by M. McDonall, OH

(found in an old book "Words of Encouragement" by B. T. Pierson)

Shepherds are those who have the care of flocks of sheep; and who make it their business to direct them to good pasture, lead them to wholesome water, gather them to a fold at a proper time, and protect them from all harm. Jesus Christ is God's Shepherd because His Father gave Him His flock of men who are called sheep; and appointed Him to die for, call, feed, and gather them.

Although the Lord cares and provides for all, none but a believer can truly say, "The Lord is my Shepherd!" Reader, are you a real believer? If so, the Lord is your Shepherd, and you have a right to call Him such. It is your duty and privilege to encourage yourself in Him: not only from the relation in which He stands to you, but also from what you have already experienced of His goodness.

David, here, expresses his present confidence; the Lord is my Shepherd. You may do the same; for you have the same privilege. Seeing He is the Shepherd of every particular believer; not one escapes His notice, not even the meanest of the flock will be neglected. He has them all in His fold, and performs well the part of a good Shepherd.

Unlike the hireling, the good Shepherd leaves, but is constantly watching them; and will suffer no one to harm them. All are well kept whom the Lord keeps. He not only provides food, but whatever will add to their comfort. Thus, David knew from experience; hence he declares his future hope, "I shall not want".

Trust in the Lord at all times; and depend upon it. He will never suffer you to want any good thing. You shall have food convenient, and raiment to put on; and such a supply of all good things as shall leave you no cause to complain the want of anything.

Bread is not always given to those who trust in themselves; but verily all who trust in the Lord shall be fed. If the Lord is so good a shepherd, surely we ought to be guided by Him. Obey His voice, follow His steps, and like harmless sheep, lie at His feet.

Just a Grape...

II Timothy 1:5 "Wherefore I put thee in remembrance that thou stir up the gift of God that is in thee..."

Picture in your mind a glowing campfire that casts only a faint light. Then you pick up a stick and stir the fire up. Pretty soon a log catches here and there and flames start shooting forth. After a while a little more catches and the campfire is now a flaming glow that sheds light all around.

Stir up that gift, kindle that fire that comes from the Holy Spirit so that your gift can shine forth and be a light to someone else.

Words from the Prayer Closet
by J. Glasco

It's time to pray
I'm hoping that you will stay,
For you know I'm never far away.

Look to Me for answers to life's problems;
I will give you wisdom, and I will show you how to solve them.

Come unto me with lean hands and a pure heart;
For without them, the outpouring of My Spirit will not start.

You know the way, Come up higher -- let me
Impart My ways and thoughts into you
Then, you will become as the Spiritual Jew.
Can't you see, for I grieve for those who cannot conceive that all is in Me.

For verily, I say unto you "Unless you die to things of this world
you will not experience the Heavenly Jew."

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