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The Church of the Last Days                         by Jo Ann Glasco
Modern Day Messengers                              by Jo Ann Glasco
The Cry of the Saints                                    by Jo Ann Glasco
The Continuing Story of Grandfather Oak...   by Jeannie Kirkpatrick

The Church of the Last Days

Many established churches will close their doors

There will be no money to pay office help
No money to be made, no money to be paid
Some sanctuaries will be open for services only.

The buildings will become a shelter for the broken-hearted, destitute, and lonely.
They will become as spiritual hospitals for shipwrecked vessels who are trying to survive
When the hour becomes late, many will just be trying to stay alive.

Theologians and religious hierarchy will delete the original, supernatural Gospel
What is left will be soothing words with out Spirit or power
They will all continue sleeping through the last hours.

A new way is being prepared for the church of the latter days.
The temple will be restored in My people.   
I will be found living in the saints, 
Not in a building with a steeple.

My saints will form an army
A remnant of believers marching in one accord
They are clothed in sanctified raiment 
And Spiritual weapons to slay the devil's horde.

The overcomers will become the winners of the coming battle and tribulations;
They will be found standing victorious in the midst of chaotic devastations.

I have numbered My people and My mark is written on their foreheads;
Those who intercede with sighs and groans
Who give their lives and lay prostrate before My throne
     By Jo Ann Glasco

Modern Day Messengers

It has been said that man will have nothing to dread
If he plunges ahead with the ancient gospel of the dead

They preach a gospel with Christ still in the tomb
This same Christ was in the Upper Room
This same Christ who was prepared to be a living sacrifice for all to see.  
But at that time, as now, very few even cared.
They herald His coming today
"He's coming back", they all say
But still, few are walking in what He wanted us to do
This revelation has been ignored, "Jesus in you".

Our Lord desires a people to be as the apostles of old
To withstand daily persecution and be bold.
Consequences will not be considered as they share
This same gospel to all who despair.

Signs and wonders are the order of this modern day.
My format and examples are in My Word on display.
Don't delay to put them into practice without hesitation.
Now is the time that I want you to clothe yourself 
with my garments before the nations.
Rise up and tell how the old story has saved many from hell.
Give them My cup - - - Give them a drink from My well.

Oh, saints, don't you know that My gospel
will prevail and you have nothing to fear?
Now is the time that you must yield to My Spirit
as I send you out to the highways and hedges this next year.

Prepare to reap the harvest that many before you have sown.
Some have watered, and I've given the increase 
to those who have been chosen to be My very own.

Thrust in the sickle for the harvest is now white.
Get ready to labor while it is still day
for soon we will experience the coming night.
    By Jo Ann Glasco 

The Cry of the Saint
Let this be your heart's cry as the new year begins

Speak to me from Your Word;
Visit me in my soul and spirit.
Even though I've read and heard
At this hour, I really need to hear it.

Let me know of Your thoughts and purposes for now 
I am waiting here at my wit's end
I need a word from the throne
Comfort me, so that I won't have to bear this alone.

Daily carnality, thoughts, and dealings
Fill my thoughts with confusion and really have me reeling.
Jesus, Jesus, help me to see
What plan and purpose you really have for me.

Speak to me, Oh, Lord! Let me know
Which way you want me to go.
Upward I will climb and press toward the mark.  
A long time ago, a choice was made by me to embark.

Don't let me miss the final instructions;
I want to know Your plan
Help me to be aid and deliverer
For those who have fallen into satanic destruction.

At this hour I want to be 
In the special place You have for only me.
Disobedience, rebellion, and willful ways
I've laid down and crucified for these last days.

Jesus, Jesus, be made real in my life
Let me experience and walk in Your ways.
Break me and pour in Your will and nature
So that Christ, not I will be on display.

Abba Father, bear me up by Your Spirit.
As I resist and overcome life's snares
Equip me always to hear your voice
To escape the traps and deceptions the enemy prepares

Lead me to walk on that highway 
As the judgments that have been foretold
Quite ruthlessly begin to unfold.
     By Jo Ann Glasco

          The Continuing Story of Grandfather Oak . . .

"Little Oak, would you like to hear another story about the travels of Abraham, the
Father of Faith?"  "Yes, Grandfather, but Grandfather why does Abraham move so often?"  "O
Little Oak, you are a smart young lad to wander about such things.  I know it is hard for you
to understand why others move when the Lord has made us to always stand in one place.  I,
too asked my Grandfather about this mystery."  "What did he say, Grandfather?"  "Well, Little
Oak, he told me the following story about Abraham's travels.  Listen as Abraham's nephew Lot
speaks to Abraham's wife Sarah"

"Sarah, Abraham came and told me to gather the servants and get the tents ready to
move on again.  Must we leave Sichem and Moreh?  Where are we going this time?  Must we
always be on the move?"  Sarah, too, wondered why it was always necessary to move on to
different places.  Sarah and Lot decided to go and ask Abraham about this.  They found
Abraham sitting beneath the shade of our branches praying unto the Lord.  In respect they
quietly sat down and waited until he was finished praying so they could ask him their question. 
They listened as he prayed.

"Dear Heavenly Father, said Abraham.  I bow before you here at this altar we have built
at the gateway of this bountiful land.  I, again, thank you for safely bringing our family and
all our substance from the Ur of the Chaldees, on to Haran, and after many days to this
beautiful spot in the land of Canaan.  I thank you, O Lord, for your protection from the
giants in this land.

Father, I ask your forgiveness in questioning why we must again leave our home and
move on.  I know Your ways are better than our ways.  You know the future and what lies
ahead of us.  O Lord, my only desire is to walk in Your will.  If You have chosen for me to
always move on to new places, then I will be obedient.  But heavenly Father this walk of faith
is very hard to endure, very hard.  Father I ask you to give us peace about leaving this place. 

Sarah and Lot heard Abraham's prayer and knew Abraham, too found it hard to move
on.  Right then and there they too knelt before the Lord and prayed, "O Father, please forgive
us for desiring to remain in this place.  We, too, want to walk in obedience to Your will. 
Father, give us strength to move on.  Amen."

As they rose from their prayer, Abraham was standing near.  The three looked in each
other's eyes. . . and knew . . .  God would prepare the way for their next stop.

"Little Oak, some must stand in one place , other's must be willing to move.  Whatever
our lot in life, we must be willing to walk in the way the Lord has chosen.   Whether we must
stand in one place or ever be on the move, know this, Little Oak, the Lord will give us strength
for our journey.  

         "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord"

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