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The Sound of the Trumpet in the Land                        by Jo Ann Glasco
Quote                                                                        from Pat Gayden          The  Wedding Preparation                                         by Jo Ann Glasco
Karate Tactics                                                           by Lynda Laird
Be Ready                                                                  by J. Hodgdon

The Sound of the Trumpet in the Land

The trumpet is sounding, heralding in the New Day. There are many voices in the land today speaking only half-truths. Many trumpets today are sounding an "uncertain sound". Who can hear truth? The prophets of old sounded the trumpet of truth saying,

"...Turn ye now from your evil ways and from your evil doings..." and again, "Cry aloud! Spare not! Lift up thy voice like a trumpet! Show My people their transgression and the house of Jacob their sins." Zechariah 1:4 & Isaiah 58:1

"Also I set watchmen over you, saying, "Hearken to the sound of the trumpet..." Jeremiah 6:17

But many said, "We will not hearken." Again, they proclaimed, "We will not obey the voice of the Lord your God. No! We will go into the land of Egypt where we shall see no war, nor hear the sound of the trumpet." Read Jeremiah 42:13-14

Where are the watchmen in our day?

"So thou, O son of man, I have set thee a watchman unto the house of Israel; therefore thou shalt hear the Word at My mouth, and warn them from me." Ezekiel 33:7

Listen! As others in the body of Christ are sounding the trumpet!

Quote: from Pat Gayden, Louisiana

Wake up! Wake up! My Church. Have you really begun to birth the new things I have called you to? Or are you waiting to be led by the hand?

Obey! Obey Me my children and you will stand in the midst of a new thing. I have brought you through the wilderness to make you and mold you, to show you how My love abounds.

Come, and dine with Me and taste of the new wine and be filled with the new oil.

Be grateful and multiply that which has been given you. Go forth in and out of Season to show forth of the New Birth.

The Wedding Preparation

My sons and daughters, My Children -
Delight yourselves in Me;
Praise Me - Rejoice in all things -
Let Me be the heartfelt expression of your very being.

I want to love you and express that love
By bestowing My favor;
My gifts are boundless and greater,
And you will experience them fully if you don't waiver.

Pass My tests - Go through life's many tribulations -
Pray for one hour, and I will deliver you from temptation
When you think on Me all day,
All life's troubles and cares will pass away.

Think of yourselves as a bride in preparation -
You are engaged to the soon-coming Messiah.
He is eager to greet the ones yielded in a life of consecration
For those spiritual virgins who know the Son by daily association.

Return to your first love with the Lord of Lords -
Be consumed with His thoughts and deeds
So that your whole purpose in life will be looking forward
To the time in which you will reflect His image
To all who are in need.

With great urgency press in immediately to
the high calling without delay.
A moment's hesitation or procrastination could
mean a lamp not filled with oil on that day.

Oh, church, heed the warnings!
Heed the trumpet's blast!
My desire is for you to cast aside your idols and cares -
Everything that you are holding onto, that in eternity will not last -

Hearken! Change your ways!
For these are the last of the last days.
       Jo Ann Glasco

Karate Tactics

It seems the body of Christ is under attack as usual but this advance is different. I think the enemy is using Karate. Using our own thrust against us. What I am seeing is discipline eroding and doors being opened. Ought we to have been able to receive refreshing without throwing away the foundations and the order? No it's not that ole religious spirit, again just an observation and a trumpet of sorts. I believe when we refurnish a house we need to be mindful that we have not thrown away our most precious furnishings. Didn't God say His house is a house of order. I am always judging matters in the church. This is a scriptural application of judgment. I am conditioned to watch because I came out of twenty years of Mormonism and God does not intend to let me be deceived again. Perhaps I can help because I know the tactics that are used to deceive a sincere seeker. Mostly the seekers are deceived by other sincere folks who were deceived by and it goes on like that until you get to the original lie. Fear of man and fear of group disapproval play heavily into it. We are not to judge one another but we are not to let just any spirit into our midst and because it pleases us and someone we trusted called it Holy.

We were warned that wild fire is a part of revival and our leaders would watch for it. What seems to be happening (my observation only), is that this new trend of worship is systematically suppressing the preaching of the word. The messages that contained the meat are not as many, we are digging up bones to chew on. We don't need a counterfeit we can't sustain and be strong on crumbs. When a move is of God it comes with power and life giving deliverance. Has the wolf come in dressed in a revival suit? I didn't want to go there but I am constrained to.

When this all began a couple of years ago at my former home church it didn't feel right. I was open to a move of the Spirit and joy is just O K with me. I don't have a problem with laughing either or crying or being slain. I've experienced it and God has brought me deep and ministered in places long forgotten scabbed over and calloused. I guess all I really had, and have a problem with, is the effects I am observing. Where did the deep worship go? Am I out on a limb here? Do the Saints care more and better for one another than before? Are there less pastors failing in ministry? Are we emptying out the churches or filling them? We may have had dead wood sitting out there but they brought kindling in with them. We are wearing out the Saints. How cleaver of Satan to use our desire for God against us to fulfill Gods word that if it were possible he would wear out even the very elect. I love to see our meetings go long but I am aware that the elderly are not able to last and become disheartened and feel bad about leaving early. I myself get tired after three hours. Well that's only one tiny part of being worn out and not really the scripturally correct application but you see what I'm getting at.

I'm asking myself if it's just me? Am I missing God's best or am I discerning truth. My mind, which I do not believe God gave me to set aside all reasoning, says alert, buzz, ding, Hey hammer head wake up and assimilate this information.

Oh God give me the real, and deliver me from all that is not born from your heart. I can't eat junk food again. Feed me your best El Shaddi. Pray for me. I want to be on God's side that's all. From Lynda Laird

Be Ready

Behold the bridegroom cometh, His voice is loud and clear. Set your transition house in order, a new experience is near.

Awaken all ye that slumber, the night is now far spent. The Day Star is appearing. Jesus Christ is now being sent.

The wise and faithful servants, those that watch and pray. Prepare your wedding garments. It's the dawning of His day.

Be quick in understanding, ye wise and faithful sons. Be not unwise and doubting, that this day has now begun.

I exhort thee to be ready. Fear not the days ahead. Keep your eyes upon ME, and you will have no fear or dread. J. Hodgdon, Oregon


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