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Meekness of Wisdom                                  by Lilla green
Why The Birds Fly High                              by Jeannie Kirkpatrick

Meekness of Wisdom
by Lilla Green

What comes to your mind when you read this phrase in James 3:13, "Who is a wise man and endued with knowledge among you? let him show out of a good conversation his works with meekness of wisdom?"

A picture of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, comes to my mind. The word "meek" implies humility, profound mildness of temperament that predominates the entire personality or character, in any and every situation. This comes with practice. Practice makes perfect. Our Lord said in Matthew 5:48, "Be ye therefore perfect even as your Father in heaven is perfect." We can practice meekness in our daily affairs, and thus be endued with the same degree of meekness and humility as was Christ. This is truth.

How does one become wise? When we live with the attitude of seeking to know things for the "right" reason, we begin to listen and to observe. Quietness and confidence become our daily manner - and thus proving to be a source of strength, like a Rock of Gibraltar. Is not Christ a Rock? Did not The Rock - Almighty Creator God - beget and form man in His own image? Then we have the potential to become little rocks. That staunch firm character of Christ is formed in us as we set about living our lives with the same determination that was in Christ Jesus. The humble mind of Christ Jesus emptied out the former equality with the Godhead and He willingly assumed the role and tasks of a servant, and of a son. He put on humility - obedience - willingness. He performed the will of the Father - not His own will. He lived thirty years, willing to be unknown without reputation, just to "do the will of the Father" for a duration of three years. This takes discipline - it takes a mind that is willing to be least among all - willing to be seen as foolish, not wise; weak, so we can be used to confound the things that are mighty. Wisdom does not have a public relations department - it does not vaunt itself, and it's not easily puffed up. When we ask for wisdom, we're asking to be perceived as a weak and a base thing, and a thing of nought (I Corinthians 1:26-29). The wisdom we seek is the wisdom displayed by Christ, when He said - "What I hear, that do I speak." His words were concise - not long and drawn out. His words were a comfort to children and adults alike. He spoke as one with authority - not as a dictator, duke, or an earl. He spoke with compassion and longed to gather men together as a hen that gathers her chickens under her wings - those whose forefathers had stoned and killed the prophets but most "would not." He learned obedience by the things He suffered. He was the embodiment of the phrase "......meekness of wisdom."

Jesus wept at the unbelief of men - He did not rail on them or demean them. This is meekness of wisdom - wisdom from above. James 3:17 says that wisdom from above is "pure." Jesus was from above - Jesus was pure, dignified, and respectful. Receive ye, that same purity of character - that same purity of wisdom. According unto your faith, be it unto you, this day. Let us lift our hands and praise the Lord! Hallelujah!

Meekness from above is peaceable, gentle, and easy to be entreated. Jesus said to His disciples - "Suffer the little children to come unto me, and forbid them not." Jesus went without food and drink, many times, saying that His "meat" was to do His Father's will. He found joy in the "meat" that men knew not of. That meat is the Word of God - the gifts of God - the power of God! In Him, we are complete. Thus saith the Word unto us this day - "Lacketh you wisdom? Then ask in faith, and don't waver, and so shall you receive it, and it shall be your meat!" Praise ye the Lord!

Jesus was peaceable when scribes, lawyers, and religionists of that day strove with Him - openly, before all. He suffered it to be. Jesus was approachable - anyone could speak to Him without fear of being rebuffed. But when He did rebuke, as in the twenty-third chapter of St. Matthew, His words were spirit and life. No one could deny the truth of the words - not even His adversaries. The gentle, humble Son of God spoke with authority and men wondered at His authority. They noted that He did not teach as the scribes of that day and age.

We fulfill Jesus' joy, when we pursue good fruits and live without partiality (James 3: 17) and hypocrisy. Jesus so often said - "Love ye one your neighbor as yourself." Wisdom comes when we follow the footsteps of Christ in every facet of our lives. Meekness is added to that wisdom when we accept the placing of nails in the palms of our hands, and lay back upon some uncomfortable "cross" to which we've been called to endure. What meekness of wisdom Christ displayed when we read how He "came unto His own and His own received Him not." But He stoically endured, didn't He? How many of us realize that we've already been given nine spiritual fruit of Christ, which empower us to be JUST LIKE JESUS? It's up to us! Every time I am hard pressed in a test of my faith, I tell myself - "OK, girlfriend - just let yourself die some more; crucify that flesh, and things will work together for your good." Yes - it hurts, but so did those nails that were pounded into Jesus' hands. Are we any better than He? All heaven and earth will one day bow down unto Him, but He first had to lay down His life, and come down from heaven, and go down in death to the depths of the earth, before any exaltation. Likewise, is the plan of promotion for man! The way UP is DOWN! Great wisdom is received through great struggles, and God would have it so!

So we can't vaunt ourselves, or pat ourselves on the back when we do what we've been commanded to do. We can sing a new song unto the Lord, though, and lose sight on how long, how hard, how much further, etc. must we go through. Only God's timing brings about a "coming-out time" of God's people, who've waited patiently in the background of life's stage. After we have done the will of God, we have need of patience. God's Word has an answer for every thought we have, doesn't it? Sometimes, I've asked myself - "Are you willing to be disliked? Will you remain faithful no matter who strives to separate you from the Word - be it a spouse, a child or parent, or a beloved friend? Will you keep your mouth shut, no matter how tempted you become to "tell somebody off?" It's like Jesus asking Peter three times if he really loved Him, isn't it? That's what it comes down to, though - LOVE. Love will cover a multitude of wrongs and misdeeds inflicted upon us. Are we willing? Will we push that cup of bitterness away, reaching for smooth garments and rich dainties? I hear the Spirit of the Lord saying - "Will ye too go away?" Let us fix our eyes on the joy that's set before us. What joy? It might be the joy of that inevitable victory where someone, somewhere is watching us so, until one day, the Lord visits them in salvation, and they reveal how our lives influenced them. It might be the joy of being healed, after enduring much pain and discomfort - quietly and without murmuring.

When we love God, we serve Him in the knowledge that we're His footsoldiers, yet we're His children, who say "Abba Father." If we are asking for wisdom, will our heavenly Father not exceed earthly fathers, and give us what we're asking for, whether it be a healing, a mate, the salvation of a beloved one, meekness of wisdom, a spiritual gift, or a promotion? Let us come boldly before the throne of grace, delighting ourselves in God - one day at a time, one trial at a time. We shall find strength to help us in the time of our need. Just as healing is the children's bread, so is wisdom, and He will so give it to those who diligently seek Him for it. Is not the Potter molding meekness into the fabric of our characters? Are we not on the Potter's wheel? Let us not reply back to the Potter, but rather let us be skillfully formed, that we may prove to be those that others will confide in. God is making confidants out of us. Who knows? Someone may become an advisor to a head of state. Someone may be a prophet or prophetess to an unbeliever, thus leading them to salvation. It takes meekness and wisdom, to know how to walk quietly in the presence of certain individuals, and this God knows. Let's patiently bear being made loyal and trustworthy, in order that wisdom may be forged upon the avenues of the inner man.

When one allows themselves to be made humble, God will reveal to them the knowledge of "witty inventions" causing His people to be promoted. Why? Because they successfully resist the proud look, and embrace the way that prefers another over themselves. Some of us might have been in a position where we could have lived in mansions, but instead, we sought the Lord for wisdom to "go in and out" among the people. This is the type of heart that God is looking for - the heart that seeks to be a help to others, and doesn't look upon its own needs first. What my experiences have taught me is that meekness of wisdom is engrafted and inlaid, one bit at a time. It's when one has done all to stand, and they wait on God, withstanding adversity patiently, that the Spirit of the Lord breathes on that person, and wisdom moves out. Meekness enlightens one to know when to allow a situation to inflict "nailprints" or when to withhold"gospel pearls" from a person, because they might be vomited out." Meekness hears that "still, small voice" of El Shaddai, when He says - "Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of My righteousness...." Wisdom treads the depths of the waters, as did Peter, knowing that Jehovah Jireh is yet the I AM THAT I AM!!!

As we grow in the grace of meekness, it instructs us in the night season, especially when insomnia wants to entertain us. As we lay upon our beds, the law of the mind begins to dictate truths - Bible truths which we've studied, and which are already beloved in our souls. As we ponder these lines of Scripture - precept upon precept - the wisdom of the Spirit of God imparts revelations to us. A light dawns. The words of a particular Scripture take on new meaning. Our joy and faith is increased. Why? Because as we "decrease", the Spirit of God quietly comes and makes His abode in us - imparting strength to our minds. This brings gladness to a believer! This increases our faith for healing, for deliverance, or for a loved one's salvation! God gets the glory, and all the praise. So wisdom comes with a great price. But we must realize that when God begins to deal out His precious "pearls" to His children, He's already judged us to know that we'll be faithful stewards of those truths. He's already judged us to know we'll guard those truths with our whole hearts, souls, minds, and strength. He's already judged us to know that we won't let our own philosophies exalt themselves against His mighty Word. He's watched us down through the years and knows how we'll readily revenge all disobedience, even in our own selves, so that His Word can be ALL IN ALL! God is All-Knowing! Praise be unto our God!

To know much, is to endure much. With knowing, comes experience. With knowledge - come trials and tests. From those tests, our character begins to resemble that of God's dear Son - our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. What a mighty plan! What an awesome God we serve! And from His divine nature - powerful, yet humble - are we fitted and framed to be partakers, but only when we yield our carnal, finite opinions.

"Lord - train us to be meet for Your use, not our will, but Your will, Heavenly Father. Prepare us for the glory that we're going to have with You when we become immortal, and dwell with You forever. Thank You for the mind to continue to serve You in humility and tears - knowing within ourselves we cannot take pride in doing what is our duty. Let us always see ourselves "small in our own eyes - and not giants." Let humility reign in our minds, our wills, and our intellects. With hands uplifted, we let go of our own ideologies and willingly submit to the glorious gospel. Teach us how to be perfect, and if we be any otherwise minded, we have this confidence, that You will reveal it unto us. What a joy divine, what a blessedness, to be assured that this joy that we have - no man gave it to us, and no man can take it away! By Lilla Green, Illinois


Why do the birds love to fly so high
and take wing at every threatening sigh?
They fly here and there and everywhere
and do not rest until they fly to safety.

Let us take thought upon their flight
and consider their escaping plight
Then we will soon discover
and learn to warn our brothers

Yet listen closely and I will tell thee
what the flying birds told me
We have learned to fly away and be at rest
safe from harm `neath the Father's breast

Be wise and learn of our escaping flight
Be ready to leave and know our plight
Be willing to rise above your own sight
Before the darkness of the night!
    By Jeannie Kirkpatrick

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