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The Blessing in Barrenness                              by Glynn Behrend
Many Are Called, But Few Are Chosen          by Jo Ann Glasco

The Blessing In Barrenness
as given to Glynn Behrend 10-29-98

Oh ye barren women! Hear the word of the Lord. Ye who have not conceived, hear what God has to say.

You have cried, in the night seasons, when will I conceive? When is the time of my travail? When will I hear the laughter of my children?

There was a time when you were fertile, and longed to hear my gentle call, as I called you in the night season. This was a time of tenderness, when my fragrance surrounded your entire being. You still hear my gentle sigh as I called to you. "Come away, my Bride, Come with me to the Secret Place".

But now you are barren, and that fragrance has long since faded away. You lay upon your bed, and your heart rages within you. Deep is calling to deep, in things buried deep within the depths of your heart. Emotions which cannot be put into words. Pulling at you, ripping at you. Desire left unfulfilled.

Oh ye Barren, women, Ye who have not conceived, Hear the Word of the Lord.

Did I not visit Sarah, a barren woman, and in her bareness, bring forth a Mighty Nation. My Prophetic Word spoke and it was so.

Did I not visit Hannah, a barren woman, and in her bareness, bring forth a Mighty Prophet. My Prophetic Word spoke and it was so.

Did I not visit Elizabeth, a barren woman, and in her bareness, bring forth a Mighty Messenger. My Prophetic Word spoke and it was so.

Did I not visit Mary, a barren woman, and in her bareness, bring forth a Mighty Savior. My Prophetic Word spoke and it was so.

To the intercessors I say, I will visit you and you will conceive. In your bareness I will visit you, and ye shall conceive. Many sons and daughters are waiting to be born. I will raise up a new generation of Samuels, that will be born out of your bareness. These are the Prophets that you are in birth pains for. You must be willing to give them to me.

To the prophets I say, Do you not understand that the prophetic is always born out of bareness. Many things that are in the supernatural are mirrored in the natural. Did I not cause the sea to come forth and the dry land appear, did I command the tides to ebb and flow. So it is with my giftings. I will bring times of bareness to you, to stretch you, to call you to a new level of anointing. Do not be afraid of this process. All who seek to walk with me in my fullness will go through this discipline. You must remember this is not about you, it is about Me, and My plan for the ages.

To the body of Christ I say, "The Harvest of the Earth is Ripe" Get ready for the greatest ingathering of souls the world has ever seen. Did I not speak to my prophet Amos, and declare that the reaper will overtake the plowman. Take this message to heart. The time is later that you think.

P.S. This was born out of my struggle with bareness. I hope it is a blessing to you as much as it was with me. My E-Mail Address is: [email protected]

Many Are Called,
But Few Are Chosen
as given to Jo Ann Glasco, December 8, 1998

I have come, children, that you might have life more abundantly.
For surely you see My treasures unfold for thee.
Thou knowest that there are better places that this tha I have for you
For know you know I've made you My own Spiritual Jew.

I love you, and know that I have gone to make a better place for you
For I have gone before you, and now I return to this land with vengeance in my hand,
With fire in My eye to avenge the blood and blasphemy
that are now poured out in media cross currents that spread.
Now in every village across the globe, every sin known to man runs bridle deep
across America and foreign lands.

Awaken, oh sleepers! For signs are now displayed in front of you in every way.
Each country and ethnic group have their own agenda for fighting , hating, deceitful practices, and lies
Prepare to see major weapons relleased upon the eart right before your very eyes.

I am returning to Zion to view this plan of destruction, to destroy and kill.
I see and know all things as I come to My Holy Hill.
Me eyes have traveled to and fro across the earth, and I now prepare a stage for those chosen for this age.
To display the true nature of Christ as He returns to earth.

I return in a people who have submitted to Me.
They have resisted filthy, worldly contamination.
Fellowship is only desired with Me -- I have placed a desire in My body to love Me
And being thus, they will be with the Holy One of Israel for all eternity.

Sing to Me a new song -- for as much darkness abounds,
I play a musical note for My people to hear the heavenly sounds.
It is true, it has been hard and the suffering has been great.
Saints have been molded and fashioned to bring war on the demonic host and the church apostate.

Don't hesitate to get before Me for there is still time to pray
For those who are bound and have strayed away.
My desire is for the backsliders to return to Zion --
Prepare for this assignment this hour -- This Very Day.

Walk in My love! Walk in My power! Use My name to set the captives free!
It is My desire that many come out of the bondages of lives filled with iniquity.
My Children pay no attention to the circumstances. Don't give up!
For I have just really now begun to fill your cup.
I pour in the oil and the wine, for truly then your will and mine will be entwined.

For the harvest is white, and the laborers are few.
Oh, My children, I still have so much work for you to do.
The harvest now is really ready for the reapers to begin.
I need My servants to go to work and save many from a life of sin.

Suffering and sorrow appear to be in every dwelling
The numbers of casualties and afllicted saints are swelling.
Yet, I am there to prepare, to make know the mind of Christ to do My will.
Many will desire to minister to others, and walk in My great light.
Yes, My anointing on what you do will be there.

Intercessors! Cry out to Me in the night season for those who are afflicted and bound in captivity
The moans of the intercessor will be heard to the throne,
And much attention will be paid to the moans, gronas, and sighs
of those who yield their bodies as a heavenly sacrifice.

Those saints who crucify their flesh have the power (from Me) to change events in lives and circumstances,
And I will make old things become new, and lives will be purified.
They and My Spirit will become one, that has been reborn - anew and afresh.

I encourage you not to grow weary of well doing, and not give up.
For the feast has been prepared, and from My own cup you sill sup.
You will drink of My Spirit and beocme full of new wine
To pour out on dying humanity who still (unknown to them) long to be mine.

Now is the time to lay down your life, to go forth to the highways and hedges
To bring many to the King's feast.
For I have calle dyou to love and care for the downtrodden to the very least
For those walking in despiar, for those who have no hope from anywhere.

Times will become turbulent, and many will exist in war-torn lands.
Remember world events and natural disasters are all part of the Master's great plan.
The apocalyptic sounds grow louder each day.
Some prepare in earnest for the thundering herd
Their safey is in Me, My covenant, and My Word!

Now children, fill your lamps with oil
Drink of the overflowing river of My Spirit
Your odor from the fragrance of My presence will fill the darkness
As you become a city on a hill.
Many will come to the light that your Redeemer and Saviour will beam in the night.

Don't draw back! Don't sit out the harvest!
For I have saved the best part for the last.
You will not want to miss the assignments
The things that I've told you would occur are here -- At long last!

The power of the name of Jesus will set the captives free
The anointing is here, now, for you to move out in Spiritual liverty.
I would not send you out now, unprotected
My angelic host will guard you as you carry out these plans in My Word
That already have been perfected.

Remember to follow My commands as you gird up your loins
And adorn My special armour to possess the land.
Ponder! Think on Joshua and Caleb of old
For if it wasn't for their bravery and courage this story would never have been told.

The giants will not hinder
Go out now and possess the land.
Remember that there is healing, deliverance, and savlation that I've placed in your hands.

Do this thing that I ask! Go for Me! Truly, now you will be fulfilling your destiny. Selah.

Special Note:

This message was from the throne - - It is not for your ears alone;
Spread this to the prevailing hearts and precious spirits of those who have made Me their very own.
They are hungry - - They are weary. For the earthly battles have been great.

Demonic hosts and seducing spirits have been released to make war upon the saints.
I now send this message to encourage them not to aint.
For the time has come for those who have chosen to arise and meet the coming Son - -
For surely, He has demonstrated and made know that the battle aready has been won!


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