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"Thy wife shall be as a FRUITFUL VINE by the sides of thy house." Psalm 128:3a

The Birthing Experience

The Lord is working in various realms of the souls of His people. Seeing all of our diversities, it is more obvious than ever that man's efforts can do nothing to create the Father's awesome promise of a robust, perfect, multi-member Son. This work is NOT of man's hand, but of the Holy Spirit moving, brooding over the womb/soul of `the church,' and forming what is pleasing in the sight of the Father. The Holy Spirit will guide many believers into union with the Head, and these sons will only do what they see the Father do, and say what they hear the Father say.

It is almost mind-boggling to think about what the Holy Spirit has to do in/through this mortal clay to manifest a multi-member Son. It is especially difficult to believe it can get done if we look at ourselves and at each other. But, surely that is why we are commanded to "come out unto HIM," for His Spirit alone can do the work.

As we leave behind the trappings of our old identities and embrace the real identity of being a SON, our renewed minds will transform our lives. The KEY to the Body of Christ being built up into the FULLNESS of the Head, is speaking/acting the TRUTH in LOVE. A sure test of whether we've come out of the false church system unto Him alone is our response to an imperfection in a brother. Is our response like the Son's mindset - DIE so the imperfect one might live?

The Birthing Experience

Surely, others across the world have had a similar `birthing' experience. Mary carried Jesus, The Son, into full, NATURAL manifestation. Maybe many Mary-types in the church have been moved on by the Holy Spirit to carry Sons into full, SPIRITUAL manifestation. I don't claim to understand the impact of the `birthing/prayer' experience. However, I do believe it was a work of the Holy Spirit of great significance, not just for me, but for the whole Body. If there be any truth in it, please eat from this portion provided by the Lord. I trust that the following will be edifying to the body members prepared by the Holy Spirit to receive it, and a loving exercise for those who do not agree or understand.

Here is the overview of what Father God spoke to me, and what I understand transpired as I yielded to His Word from January 4, 1999 to September 14, 1999. God first spoke to me on January 4, 1999 as I walked from my kitchen into the living room for a quiet time in the scriptures. He quietly asked me if I would allow Him to inseminate (sow the seed of His Word in) me so that Christ would be formed in my womb. My response to Him was, "Be it unto me according to thy Word, Oh, Lord." I knew it wasn't going to be an impregnation by the Holy Spirit like the virgin Mary's, with a flesh son being born. The work was totally in the Holy Spirit, to eventually manifest in the natural realm as the Spirit so chooses. I sensed immediately that He said `in my womb' to give me the knowing that it was something to be delivered/ birthed out of me, not just formed in my own soul. I understood my womb to be a type of the Church, and as the intercession/prayer was carried to full term, the Son would be formed in me, and in many others in the Church. Also, as the Son was birthed out of me in intercession, the Son(s) would be birthed out of the Church's womb. The work was done totally by the Holy Spirit. Nothing I or any person could do could get this massive job done. I also understood that the Holy Spirit would do the actual forming of the body, and perform the work of a midwife in delivering the body. I sensed my main job was just to believe and say, "Yes." The work would get done, just as it does when natural children are formed in the womb without `help,' and delivered through processes put into action by God, with a little `groaning' cooperation from the one giving birth. I knew that I could do nothing to make such a multi-faceted thing happen, except to believe and yield to being a prayer.

The nine months between January 4 and September 4 went by with no major events. However, toward the `delivery' date I was impressed to set aside a time of fasting, starting on September 1. I saw it as the `labor' in which I would cooperate with the Father in getting the birthing done. The Father impressed on me that the work being done was to birth the `manifestation of the Son(s) of God' spoken of in Romans 8, and that was the spoken prayer focus of my fast. It was the most difficult fast I have ever been on. From the start, exhaustion was so persuasive, I could barely speak. Toward the end, I could hardly get out of bed, and I fell under a lot of warfare and accusations about not praying or praising God enough for what He was doing. It was as if I `felt' totally faithless about believing that the Son of God could be manifested in me, let alone in many people. My physical condition got so bad that I knew by the spirit that I could die. I asked the Father what to do, and I got liberty to eat on September 14, the 14th day of the fast. The outcome of the fast seemed uneventful in the natural realm, but I did sense `obedience to the Father' in my spirit. No matter how the experience is interpreted, I believe we can agree that the Holy Spirit is working, and each of us should be listening for His voice, and walking in His Ways. This is the time of the FULLNESS of God, which comes only through the Holy Spirit in His body. There is no way other than Christ in you/me, the hope of Glory, which will manifest the nature of His Son, and bring pleasure to our Father. By D. Mullaney

Come! Fill This House!

Let this be our prayer. . .

The closeness I feel to You right now I would not exchange for anything this world could offer. The love that You have poured over my being is all that I care to own. The wealth of Your approval of my walk is far more important than any possession could ever be. The things I can see with my earthly vision are no longer what I have eyes on. I only long for Your presence to be fully revealed in me. Come fill this hous Holy Spirit.

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