The  Fruitful  Vine

"Thy wife shall be as a FRUITFUL VINE by the sides of thy house." Psalm 128:3a

The Secret Mile
by Inez Bouton

This is a secret mile
I've asked Mine to take
To tell no one
on My trust you will break.

In walking this mile
all flesh comes to an end
And you'll complete
My circle and begin again.

You're now at the time
of total transfiguration
So please walk it softly
and walk it well.

It's all well in hand,
you're about to walk upon My land.

Note: The line "tell no one" means "tell no carnality" which I won't do. But we do have some who are Spirit.

The True One
by Sandra Kumbulow

I look for one who will stand in the hedge.
Who will walk where men dare not tread.

Those who are unafraid of what men think
Those who will do what I ask or think.

Those who are willing to be whatever I bid them.
Those who are willing to act at My will when men say not to.
Those who are open to Me.
Those who are open to all I offer.
Those who surrender all to Me.
Those who are mine ever after.
Those who accept the promises I've made.
Those who stand on the Word.
Those who walk in the Spirit each day.
Those who pray according to My Word.
Those who say, "Only You Lord do I serve!"
Those who never let their feelings take control.
Those who put My Kingdom first.
Those who Walk in their integrity all the way.
Those who place themselves last, so I could make them first.
Those who don't care for position or wealth.
Those who desire the freedom of the Spirit.
Those who rise early to praise My Name.
Those who look and seek my face.
Those who know My Perfect Will.
Those who desire My Peace.
Those who will throw their crowns at My feet.

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