The  Fruitful  Vine

"Thy wife shall be as a FRUITFUL VINE by the sides of thy house." Psalm 128:3a


Have you got your hands raised in surrender to the Lord?
Dying to your selfish nature, living by His Holy Word?
Dying to yourself each day is being surrendered to the Lord,
Being born in His likeness, living by His Holy Word!

Trusting Jesus is the key to walking faithful, with the Lord,
Not wanting our own way, but living daily by His Word!
God asks nothing of us that He did not ask of Christ,
Being obedient, living a surrendered life.

We are paid for our surrender, living our life for Christ.
The wages for sin is death, but God gives eternal life!
Weigh the two, which would you rather have?
Death because of sin, or eternal life for letting Christ in?

The choice is pretty clear. It all depends on your heart.
Even though we suffer pain, eternal life is what we gain.
Surrender my child, it's not really all that hard,
Yielding to the Lord is simply living by His Word.

Christ became the living Word, so we must do the same.
Live our lives as Jesus did, declaring it in Jesus' name!
Our lives are a picture of our Lord. Are we showing it to be true?
Are our lives showing Christ, nothing left of you?

Walking with our Lord is a dying unto self,
Doing as our Lord would do, not sitting on the shelf.
Anyone can lie around, but it takes effort to arise,
To come up higher in our Lord means to surrender all our lives!

It's not what we can achieve in this world,
But by yielding wholly in this life, living only by His Word!
Will your life be wasted, living for self?
Will you be found in Him surrendered of self?

Be found faithful, my child, living for God,
Surrendered to Him, living by His Word.
Be not deceived by the glamour of this life,
For the one who rules this natural life brings nothing but pain and strife.

Come up higher my child, surrender it all.
Come up higher my child, be released from the fall!
The fall comes from being disobedient, so turn the table,
Let God rule your life, becoming obedient!

Will your life be fruitful, living it for Me,
Or will it have been desolate, lived only unto thee?
You decide which end you'll see. Will you die all alone,
Or will your life have been lived in Me?

Rejoice my child, For your joy is great!
Turn your life over to God, it's never to late.
Not surrendering is the key to desolation,
But surrendering is a whole new revelation.

May God be seen in each life, so that He may be praised.
Let our hearts be surrendered, so that we may be raised.
Into newness of life, with our wonderful Lord,
Our elder brother, the LIVING WORD!!

    Given by the Spirit, November 13, 1999, Madalene Stanley

Just a grape ...

We are trees of the field and on these trees is a certain fruit. A fruit of the Spirit called Love . . . Galatians 5:22

The following is from Shirley Wozniak, a concerned mother. Hear her heart's cry!

There is so much violence going on today, and no prayer in the schools, and very little in some churches. Our kids are being taught `gay rights'. The days of the modestly dressed girls are gone forever. Drugs are taking over this generation. I ask, "Can it get much worse? Well, as bad as it is, I think that some of us have hardened our hearts, and have said, "As long as it doesn't come near me or my house...". But look around, it is getting closer and closer every day. So I ask, "What can we do about it?" Well! Hallelujah! James says: "The effectural, fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much," James 5:16b. Also, Matthew 21:13 says, "My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves."

Please fervently pray with us for our families and friends, and share this issue with those you love.

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