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"Thy wife shall be as a FRUITFUL VINE by the sides of thy house." Psalm 128:3a

Choose You This Day
by J. Kirkpatrick

The Lord would have us as parents in this last hour of time use God's Word as a search light to view our ways, and determine, as Joshua, that we and our whole household will serve the Lord. Through the pen of Moses, the Lord challenges us:

"I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing : THEREFORE CHOOSE LIFE, that both you and YOUR SEED may live." Deuteronomy 30:19

As parents of God's heritage we need to CHOOSE LIFE, both for us and our children. Ask yourself, can you honestly say your children are learning to refuse the evil and choose the good? Are we equipping our children with the ability to discern between right or wrong, or have we left this responsibility to the Sunday school, the church and to the publics schools? Have we left off the directive in Psalms and Isaiah:

"Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord." Psalm 127:3

"And all thy children shall be taught of the Lord, and great shall be the peace of thy children." Isaiah 54:13

What has happened to God centered homes in our nation? When this nation began, people sought God daily in their homes, in local governments, and in the federal government. In the home, each day began with prayer. The town hall meetings always began by asking for God's help and guidance. School assemblies began with prayer. School classes had their time of prayer and the pledge of allegiance. Even the federal government meetings began by asking God's guidance and direction in the decisions they had to make. How far we have fallen as a nation, in our school systems, and in our homes. When we practiced these simple truths, we truly were a nation that did righteousness.

Many in our day allow their children to view all the violence and evil on the television, then wonder why their children have become so violent. Pre-teens commit murder just to see how it feels. Respect for other's property and God is non-existent. Murders happen right before our eyes, and we are so hardened by all the violence, we do not even flinch. Truly the young and adult's feet alike have run to evil and their thoughts are on evil and wickedness continually. The lust for violence has pervaded this land, until all that is seen and heard is violence, sex, drugs and every other kind of mayhem. Television, movies, rock music, magazines, smut newspapers, even the internet is filled with violence and perversion of every sort. Sex is perverted to the place where our children growing up do not know what is proper and what is not. Young girls have sex before their teen years because this is all they know about being an adult.

Lying has almost become an art form. When someone stands up for truth, they are shouted down or ignored. This is so very true in the legal system and politics. Even the children have learned lying, cheating, and stealing from the many perverted sit-coms on television. The so-called soap operas have all but obliterated the normal life style in this nation. Marriage was once a holy institution - - - protected and honored. The soap operas have made marriage a mockery. Today, instead of marriage being a holy institution, it has become an archaic idea. And so "shacking up" is the order of the day. Now violating the marriage vows is fashionable. Having an affair is expected. Even wife-swapping has become the rage of the age. How God's heart must break when He views how man has made a mockery of His Word and His trust.

The way of peace has been lost because they do not know the Prince of Peace. Christ Jesus is no longer thought to be anything but an imaginary God who has nothing more to do with planet earth. Even those who call themselves by His name (Christian) have lost faith in God's judgment. They no longer believe God will judge this wicked, sin-ridden nation. Even the secular news systems have voiced concerns about the moral degeneration of this nation and the justice system.

Murder has become commonplace in our society. The church system would defend themselves, saying, "We certainly do not condone murder!" Yet, many denominations have made their stand public on abortion, agreeing if the mother's life is in danger, then abortion is permissible. In making this stand, these denominations have approved the murdering of unborn children. We need to know and understand that life is given to the child by God at its inception.

Many today would rather see their children go into witchcraft, drugs, and become sexually active (fornication), then to have them have anything to do with the living God. Parents go merrily on their way, while rock and roll music invades their homes, perverting the minds of their children. There are no restraints on what they do, listen, and watch. Their only remorse comes when the children get into trouble, wind up in the hospital from an overdose, or have to pay for the abortion of their unwanted grandchild.

We need to become uncompromising parents of God's heritage, seeking the Lord daily how the Lord would have us to teach our children and bring them into life and peace.

Choose life for your household!

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