The  Fruitful  Vine

"Thy wife shall be as a FRUITFUL VINE by the sides of thy house." Psalm 128:3a

Growing Up Before The Lord
by Lilla Green

Growing up before the Lord
As a tender plant
Awakened in the early dawn
No words did Christ supplant.

His heavenly Father
Up on high
Opened up his ear
And Jesus never turned away
His Father did He fear.

He became learned
and full of truth
To speak great words of love
He never was rebellious
To The Holy One above.

"Lo," Christ said
"It's written of Me
To do Thy will, Oh God."
In meekness and persistence

To the cross, our Saviour trod.
In the days of His flesh
After praying with strong tears
His Father heard and saved His Son,
He was heard in that he feared.

The Captain of our salvation,
Had compassion on you and me
For when we were yet sinners,
He took our sins to that tree.

Before we were ever born
God sent Christ to die for us
We've been justified freely
By the love of a Lord so just.

Now it's our turn to grow in grace
And leave the stage of a babe,
Drinking the "milk" of truth,
We're the ones for whom He prayed....

Jesus prayed that we'd be one,
As the Father and He were one,
And that His Word would sanctify us,
From the sins that we had done.

He sent His Word to comfort,
To bring us to Himself,
At the right side of His Father,
To receive our laid up wealth.

A body has He prepared us
And a mansion in the sky,
If we grow up as our Lord did
We'll certainly meet Him on high.

Let's hear what the Spirit says,
And humble ourselves to the Word,
And fulfill the will of our Master,
Obeying all we have heard.

So we stand as calves in the stall,
Full of truth, ready to share
Preparing to speak deliverance
With a boldness received in prayer.

The Father equips His children,
With bows and arrows complete,
As we hearken to His statutes,
Sitting at His feet.

We're becoming learned like our Lord
To speak great words of love
We refuse to be rebellious
To The Holy One above.

Copyrite 2001 Lilla Green

Listen to the Wind
by Darl D. Dinger

Early one fall morning
I happened to take a walk
The trees stood tall & beautiful
I didn't hear a soul even talk.

But yet there was a stirring,
I felt it deep within
A lonely voice kept saying to me
"My son, listen to the wind, listen to the wind."

As alone I walked beneath the boughs
I kept thinking, is the Spirit speaking to me in these last days?
Then I sat down to listen to what the Spirit had to say.

Humble, humble is the man
Who will heed that final call
Who will forsake everything for Jesus and give to Him his all.

For if that man doesn't humble himself
He cannot hear God's call,
And when that final judgment comes that man is sure to fall.

So listen, my friend, to the wind
For the wind is the Spirit's voice,
When the Spirit ceases to speak there is no second choice.

So, my friend, come walk with me
And leave this world of sin
Humble yourself to the Spirit's voice and listen to the wind. . .
Just listen to the wind

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