The Shepherd's Purse

God has given us every herb for medicine  


Lower blood pressure
Speed up your metabolism
Fight pesky coughs, colds
Relieve painful leg cramps
Soothe aching muscles
Fade away headaches
Help lower cholesterol
Boost immune system in prevention of cancer
Fight liver spots
Use for eye and ear problems
Destroy bacteria in foods
Relieve itches, insect bites
Skin rashes, athlete's foot
Heart and circulatory care
Fight Osteoporosis
Cleans out toxins from tissues and joints. Helps to fight arthritis
Helps maintain a youthful, vibrant body
Helps fight germs & bacteria naturally
Helps retard the onset of old age in humans, pets and farm animals
Helps regulate calcium metabolism
Helps keep blood the right consistency
Helps regulate women's menstruation
Helps normalize the urine, counteracting the frequent urge to urinate
Helps digestion and assimilation
Helps relieve sore throats, laryngitis, throat tickles and cleans out toxins
Helps sinus, asthma and flu sufferers to breathe easier and more normally
Helps maintain healthy skin, soothes sunburn
Helps prevent itching scalp, dry hair and baldness, and banishes dandruff
Helps fight arthritis and removes toxins & crystals from joints, tissues & organs
Helps control and normalize weight

Testimonail:  I have used apple cider vinegar on a number of skin infections with great success. The most recent situation was a persistant fungal type infection that was completely healed with no reoccurance by vinegar after everything else I tried failed.  

Cooking with Vinegar

A teaspoon of cider vinegar will take care of too-sweet vegetable or main dishes.

A cloth dampened with vinegar and wrapped around cheese will also prevent drying out.

A little vinegar and salt boiled in an iron skillet will remove burned spots.

Vinegar applied to kitchen burns will prevent blisters and pain.

Vinegar will remove fish and onion odors from dishes, utensils and your hands. A teaspoon of heated vinegar added to boiling cake icing with prevent it from cracking when it sets up.

A small amount of vinegar added when cooking older beef or chicken will make the meat tender and give it a delicious flavor.

A teaspoon of vinegar in the water used in making pie crust will make the crust much flakier.

Vinegar brought to a boil in a new frying pan will prevent foods from sticking.

Egg whites won't run while boiling or poaching if you add a little vinegar to the water.

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