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We try to make things happen before the time is right. We expect things to change or be done right now. We try to foresee what is before us before the time is right, or try to deal with it in advance. We look forward to what we or think we foresee.

If God says it will happen or come true, or come to pass, then we must wait for the proper time. Let it happen in natural order, the order of God. God knows the proper order in our lives. We try to bring it to pass before the proper time or order. How can we share the promises the right way with God, and let Him enjoy our happiness with us?


God has promised us many things in His Word. But, before He can give us His promises we have to do our part first.

We have to be true to our king, the Lord Jesus Christ. God is loyal and truthful with us. We should be loyal and truthful with Him. We must have faith in Him and trust Him that He will do what He says He will do. We, as His servants, must be true to our king and master, The Lord Jesus Christ.

If we are not true to God, how can we except God to be true to us? Do to others what we want done to our self. If we be true to God and all others we come in contact with, God will be true to us.

We do our part to be true and do what we should do for God. He will make His promises to us come true.


God loves us willingly and freely, God loves us more than we can imagine. God created us to worship and serve Him. God needed people to love Him in return. We like being loved when we love someone or be loved. But, if we don't love others and God then why should others love us or even God do things for us if we don't freely love Him or others?

God is Love. God loves at all times. He never stops loving like a parent never stops loving their children. Children are always learning and getting into trouble. But that does not stop a parent from loving their children.

We are God's children. We do wrong and are learning. God loves us anyway. Why shouldn't we love that freely to OUR brothers and sisters in Christ and others?

When we love freely, voluntarily, and willingly we will be loved back with love or other things. We do for others without a cause. We don't need a reason to do something for others or God.

We give freely, we do freely, we volunteer freely, and we do without a cause. Our reward will be GREAT.     Lisa Bixler

"He that hath no rule over his own spirit is like a city that is broken down, and without walls." Proverbs 25:28

There's no defense against the lack of self-control.

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