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Is your life a mess? Are you doing poorly in school? Is peer pressure a big issue with you? Are you at odds with your parents? Does it seem like the whole world is against you? How many times have you felt that life just isn't fun anymore and that life just isn't fair?

Well, my friends, there is someone who really and truly cares for you. There is someone who can help you with every problem you seem to be facing right now, no matter what condition your life is in. No matter what you have done or are doing at this present time. There really is someone who does care. That someone is Jesus Christ. Yes, that's right. It is Jesus Christ.

You are probably saying, "Yeah, right. How can He help me do better in school? How can He help me to say no to drugs, alcohol, and all the other "in things" all the other kids are doing right now? How can He help me get along with my parents?"

In Genesis 18:14a it says "Is anything too hard for the Lord?"

This question was asked when Abraham, who at this time was 100 years old, and his wife was 90 years old. The Lord had told Abraham that a year from now, he and his wife would have a son. (Genesis 18)

It seems that after this happened that Abraham wanted to test the Lord again. Maybe just to see if there was anything too hard for the Lord.

Abraham had a nephew whose name was Lot. Now Lot lived in a very wicked city. That city was very much like our cities of today, cities filled with every sin imaginable to the eye. The Lord had told Abraham that He wanted to destroy the city. Abraham was very grieved because his nephew was living there. Abraham questioned the Lord six times about not destroying the city if even 10 righteous people lived there. The Lord showed Mercy and Compassion upon Lot and his family. He allowed Lot and his family to escape the next morning. Once Lot and his family had left the city, the Lord destroyed the city. (Genesis 19)

When Moses was bringing the Israelites out of Egypt, the Israelites continually complained to Moses. They wanted some good food to eat. In Numbers 11:23 the Lord asked Moses, "...Is the Lord's hand waxed short...?" The Lord was asking Moses the same thing that He had asked Abraham, "Is there anything too hard for the Lord?" Of course not! The next day the Lord had supplied Moses' people, which consisted of six hundred thousand people, with quail to eat. (Numbers 11)

Now you know only God could perform such miracles.

The Bible tells of an interesting story about a man named Job. Job truly loved the Lord. He had everything life could offer him. A wife, lots of children, friends, and wealth.

God gave satan permission to try Job. Everything Job had, he lost: all except for his wife. Satan even had permission to strike out at Job's health. His body was filled completely with boils. Through all this, Job never cursed God. He still loved Him very much.

During this time of trials in Job's life, Job learned many important things about himself, things which weren't pleasing to God.

When Job begins to yield to God and changes his life to be pleasing to God, then God blesses Job with even more than what he had lost. In fact, it was twice the amount of everything that had been taken away from him. Even Job knew "... God can do everything!" Job 42:2

These are just a few of the stories found in the Bible where God helped His people. I'm sure that you are familiar with the story of Jonah. How about Daniel in the Lion's Den and David and Goliath? God certainly intervened there and helped both Daniel and David.

Throughout the Bible it is quoted frequently that "Nothing is too hard for the Lord." Matthew 19:26 and Mark 10:27 both say "...with men this is impossible, but with God All things are possible." Luke 1:37 "For with God nothing shall be impossible."

So teenagers, no matter what the situation is, whether large or small, God can handle it. All He asks is that you turn your old life over to Him. Yield to Him; let Him take control of your life. You'll be amazed at the results!!!     Kathy Huff


Some say huge
Some say as big as big can be
Some say beyond this world
Some say as big as you and me

God is only as big as you want Him to be
He can be big in your life or small
You can give God only a little space
Or you can give Him ALL         Rachel Huff - 14

Hey YOUth! If you have scriptures or an experience that you would like to share, please write to us; we'd love to hear from you!

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